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Friday, August 8, 2014

Underrated Action/Adventure - Steve Q

Steve Q blogs about terrible movies at and can be found on Twitter at @Amy_Surplice.
He also recently did an Underrated Westerns list you should check out:

Bullet in the Head (1990): John Woo's masterpiece is very aptly named! One of the main characters is shot in the head early in the film, making him a deranged addicted killer. He's then shot in the head again as a mercy killing. Then, in a poetic ending of machine guns and motorcycles, his skull is shot repeatedly. The film's more violent than even that implies.

Sweet Sugar (1972): If you're going to watch women-in-prison films (and no one's making you), after "Caged Heat" and "Reform School Girls," I recommend this little known film. A prostitute accepts working in a cane field as an alternative to prison, but it's even worse. There's a drugged cat-throwing scene and a bamboo cage in a fire scene besides the obligatory two shower scenes.

The Great Texas Dynamite Chase (1976): Claudia Jennings made a number of great low-budget exploitation films before her early accidental death and all are worth seeing, but this one is full of good-natured humor as well as bank robbing with explosives.

Hard Ticket to Hawaii (1987): An incredibly stupid action film with some very funny elements including a giant rubber snake and a skateboarder with a blow-up doll getting shot by a bazooka after being hit by a jeep (and then they shoot the doll again for good measure). Contains a lot of gratuitous nudity as well.

Mountains of the Moon (1990): A film that critics loved more than audiences did about Burton's search for the source of the Nile. It has a lot more action sequences than anyone would expect, with some shocking moments.

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