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Friday, August 29, 2014

Underrated Action/Adventure - Sven Rump

Sven Rump - Born into a cinema - his father always managed one in his lifetime - He, along with his brother, now operate and own two independent movie theatres in The Netherlands. New movies are work – which he loves -but it also makes old(er) movies a refreshing change of pace without the added baggage of ‘now’.

Nate and Hayes (Ferdinand Fairfax, 1983)
I wanted to start by adding an underseen adventure flick to the list. This particular one has Tommy Lee Jones – one of my favorite actors – as (pirate) Captain Bully Hayes, yes it has Tommy Lee Jones as a pirate and almost succeeds totally based on that alone. It also has Michael O’Keefe (a few years after his brilliant work in ‘The Great Santini’) and Jenny Seagrove as the couple in distress in need of the captain’s help. A cool little pirate movie totally made by having TLJ as a pirate. I don’t need much, apparently.

The Shadow (Russell Mulcahy, 1994)
There is a retro vibe to Russell Mulcahy’s The Shadow that makes me love it like crazy. If you would catch it on a black and white television I think one could even be confused about when it was actually made, the whole atmosphere to this movie is that good. Baldwin is excellent in the title role and I always hoped – against my better judgment – it would be made into a series. This is one to cherish. The Shadow knows!

L’As Des As/Aces of Aces (Gerard Oury, 1982)
Jean-Paul Belmondo stars in this huge European hit that somehow has fallen by the wayside since its release in ’82. He plays former boxer Jo who became friends with German opponent Von Beckmann whom he meets, once again, at the Olympics in Berlin. Always the adventurous type with a great sense of right and wrong he sets out to save an orphan boy even if it means having to embark on all sorts of adventures starting in Nazi-Berlin. Belmondo is just awesome in this and it’s one of the main reasons to me he is still the coolest French guy ever.

Amsterdamned (Dick Maas, 1988)
I have to add some local flavor to this list by adding Dick Maas’ action/thriller/slasher ‘Amsterdamned,’. It follows a police detective, played by Huub Stapel, who’s chasing a serial killer that murders people along the Amsterdam canals. I love this film, dated and flawed as it may be, with the chases through the streets of Amsterdam and Stapel’s cool detective role – maybe one of the coolest characters in Dutch films ever, to me at least  and am still hoping someone some

Murderer’s Row (Henry Levin, 1966)
A mix of genres this one. This action/adventure/comedy/spoof is the best of Dean Martin’s Matt Helm films and well, it really needs to be seen to be believed. Everything is so over the top – Dean’s portrayal of the legendary secret agent included  that it’s impossible not to totally go with it. Not only that, it also has Ann-Margret doing her Ann-Margret’est and Karl Malden as the bad guy. What’s not to like? I can only imagine how cool this – and the others – would look in high definition, but I just may be one of the few anxious to buy such an upgrade.


AndyHunt said...

At last another Amsterdamned fan!
Back around 1990 when i saw this on vhs it struck me as unique little movie. I've sung its praises to many of my friends over the years, and will continue to do so until the day i'm dispatched to big ex-rental bin in the sky. Okay, its not the tightest movie in terms of script, it show its lack of budget, and its got some plot holes big enough to drain the low countries dry. On the plus side...A scuba diving serial killer, genuine 'dont give a shit' cop, 100 mile speedboat canal chase, and tons of dark drab atmosphere.
This film is a cult classic. Maybe only you, me, and a few others in the cult, but hellits a start.

Burl said...

Ha ha! I saw Amsterdamned in the theatre, believe it or not! It's one of those movies I can't quite believe ever made it to the cinemas in my mid-sized town, but it did, and you'd better believe I enjoyed it!