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Monday, August 4, 2014

Warner Archive Instant - MARINE BOY Season 1

MARINE BOY - The Complete First Season (1966) For fans of aquatic based cartoons and anime, what better place to stop off than at the bottom of the ocean where Marine Boy is fighting evil doers on behalf of the "Ocean Patrol". This show was one of the original anime imports in that it was produced in Japan, but intended for 1st run in the United States. It is apparently a much beloved show, but one I'd never seen before this release. I was kind of excited to watch it with my littler girl because I had this feeling she would very much enjoy it. One of her favorite movies is the ASTRO BOY feature from 2009, so I knew she could get into the style of the show at least somewhat based on that alone. She'd never seen SPEED RACER (one of this show's contemporaries and one which shares voice talent with it), but she has been a fan of 60s cartoons (FRANKENSTEIN JR. AND THE IMPOSSIBLES, another WAC release, being one of them).  My wife's first comment was that it of course reminded her of BATTLE OF THE PLANETS, which she and I had seen growing up. It does very much feel like that indeed. It's an odd but fascinating program I must say. Marine Boy chews "oxygen gum" to breathe underwater and has a crazy special boomerang weapon that he uses to ward of evil attackers(such as the robotic manta rays in the 1st episode). My daughter definitely took to it and I know it will be something we'll return to. I mean, what's not for her to like? He's ride's a dolphin and has a mermaid friend too. One thing that amused me was that everyone on in the show calls Marine Boy simply "Marine Boy". Even his father! All in all, It's a fun watch for sure. Good for the kids, good for the folks (who love cartoons).
Here's a clip to give a sense of the show:

MARINE BOY Season 1 is currently streaming on Warner Archive Instant. Enjoy a free month-long trial:

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