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Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Favorite Film Discoveries of 2014 - Guy Hutchinson

Guy Hutchinson has worked as a radio talk show host and personality on WHWH and WMGQ radio in NJ and is currently the co-host of  'Drunk On Disney,' 'Adventure Club,' 'Flux Capaci-cast' and 'Camel Clutch Cinema' podcasts. Over the years he has interviewed Mick Foley, Bernie Kopell, Andy Richter, Bebe Neuwirth, Joe Camp, Marvin Kaplan, Robbie Rist and many other entertainment figures.
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I saw less films than I wanted to in 2014 and often I was revisiting films I had watched 20 years ago. The older I get the more I find myself thinking 'why take a chance on an older film I haven't seen when I can spin one of those I watched and liked in the past.

Still, this motley bunch of flicks ended up before my eyes and all of them (to varying degrees) were a fun watch.

So this is Washington (1943)
Lum and Abner were a pair of comedy characters from a very popular radio show of the same name. They were a pair of surprisingly clever Hillbillies who often ended up outsmarting the Yankees they dealt with.
In this film Abner invents a synthetic rubber in his basement and takes it to Washington. The film starts off with a high 'laugh to groan ratio' and then wears this in the middle but closes out well with some great 'fish out of water' comedy in the nation's capitol.

White Men Can't Jump (1991)
I put on this 1992 comedy film fully believing that I had watched it before. About 30 minutes in I started to realize I had never seen this movie. This film tells the story of an unlikely team of street hustlers. Wesley and Woody share a delightful dynamic and Rosie Perez is fantastic as Harrelson's love interest.

Beauty and the Beast: A Work in Progress (1991)
I had seen Beauty and the Beast a few times and it certainly is a Disney masterpiece. After a trip to Walt Disney World's new Be Our Guest restaurant I decided to watch it again.
However, I noticed the DVD had an alternate version entitled 'Beauty and the Beast: A Work in Progress.'
This version of the film was shown at the New York Film Festival in September 1991. The film was mostly complete with several scenes supplemented by sketches, drawings and painted storyboards.
It was certainly a unique way to look at a familiar film.

Super Mario Bros. (1993)
Chalk this up to low expectations, but I enjoyed this film. I was too old to watch it in 1993 and avoided it for all of these years. Then when a copy of the DVD was at a garage sale the day after I read a website about the worst video game films ever, I figured it was worth a quarter.
Yes, it's bad. It's occasionally baffling and almost always bizarre. But it never bored me and on occasion it was very fun to look at. Hoskins puts his all into the role and the set design is inspired. 

Beer (1984)
A failing brewery finds their salvation when three losers (David Alan Grier, William Russ, and Saul Stein) stop a robbery at a bar.
The film hits all the right notes including an absolutely preposterous (in a good way) third act.
This is a fun time capsule.

The Three Ages (1923)
Buster Keaton and Wallace Beery shine in this silent comedy. Three concurrent stories are told. One in prehistoric times, one in ancient Rome and a final tale in modern day (the roaring twenties!)
Each tale spins a comedic yarn about what men do for love (and what it does to them!)
The third age was my favorite with wonderful gags coming at a restaurant and football game. 

The Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai Across the 8th Dimension (1984)
This is a celebrated cult classic and one of the films I had always wanted to see. It lives up to the hype. It's a quirky film with lush characters and a well crafted story.

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