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Thursday, January 29, 2015

Favorite Film Discoveries of 2014 - Justine Johnson

Justine Johnson is an obsessive former video-store employee and current midnight movie curator at The Black Box in Providence, Rhode Island. You can reach her via the internet on Twitter @moviessexa.
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These are listed in no particular order. I honestly cannot believe I have lived my life thus far and never stumbled upon any of these before now.

Heartbeeps (1981) Directed by Allan Arkush
The fact that I lived my entire life without ever having seen this until recently is crazy. Everything about this makes me happy. A robot love story starring Andy Kaufman and Bernadette Peters.

Third Girl from the Left (1973) Directed by Peter Medak
I love Kim Novaks face. She is gloriously meloncholy and perfect in this one. Would be a wonderfully depressing double feature with Rachel, Rachel.
Terraces (1977) Directed by 
The melodrama set in an apartment complex in the 1970s that you never knew you needed in your life. 

Billie (1965) Directed by Don Weiss
An entire town is up in arms over a girl (GASP!) being allowed to run track. Oh and its a musical! Starring Patty Duke! I know it doesn't sound like anything special based on those facts alone but it is a gem.

A New Kind of Love (1963) Directed by Melville Shavelson
 For some reason this Paul Newman-Joanne Woodward collaboration had escaped me over the years. Joanne Woodward gets a makeover and Paul Newman mistakes her for a prostitute. Plus THELMA RITTER!

Varsity Blues (1999) Directed by Brian Robbins
Who knew that the director of Good Burger followed that up with the Showgirls of high school football films. Someone needs to release a special edition with some sort of whipped cream Ali Larter inspired drinking game with commemorative shot glasses.This film is seriously under-loved. Its Last Boy Scout insane. 

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