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Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Favorite Film Discoveries of 2014 - Paul Malleck

Paul Malleck is the man known as Dormarth and he is a genre fan like no other. He has a lovely collection of VHS that is quite impressive. He runs a zine called 'Dormarth's Horror Review' and I recommend you subscribe. Like it on Facebook here:
Paul is a die hard physical media collector (lots and lots of VHS) and currently has over 3000 horror/sci fi film in his collection.

Have a peek at Paul's Discoveries list from 2013:

U.S Navy divers discover the Nautilus is real and beyond all fabled tales collected in history.  They board the ship and help Captain Nemo (Jose Ferrer) get loose from a snag and then get caught up in helping him destroy the evil terrorist submarine manned by Burgess Meridith.  The subs play cat and mouse for a while and have numerous laser fights and peak-a-boos.  The Terror sub is manned by robots in janky ass foil wrap costumes who ask a lot of stupid shit.  Evil loses and the Nautilus ends up discovering the lost Atlantean civilization with pastel clothing.  Linda Day George is thrown into the mix for some eye candy while her acting is an exact match to O.J. Simpsons mangled skills portrayed in The Towering Inferno.  This little made for T.V. Sci-fi epic is a great throwback to the days of fun action flicks that could pander to the whole family.  Great REAL effects as the submarines battle in the largest bathtub this side of S.F.'s bathhouses.

A wild romp at the local drive in, as the movie rev's up on the big screen America let's loose in their cars.  Complete with hookers, attempted rape, marijuana, beer, fat family eating rituals, virgins, midget movie stars, attempted sex, bikers, greasers, perverted politicians, and mayhem.  Bobbie-Anne is an innocent country gal who goes on a date to see "Hard Rock Zombies"  (which later got put together as a whole movie) gets mixed up with a gang of thugs who attempt to gang rape her,she escapes, grabs a gun from home and turns the drive-in into a war zone and puts the douches on trial which ends with a sentence of humiliation.  What started as a seemingly fun, sex filled wallop soon turns into straight up exploitation revenge territory.  American Drive-in packs all the punches and more, it's a real boner kill, but and absolute joy. 

There's a murderous card game going on where masks and death are involved and the stakes high.  Two cops have taken top priority on the case and are pulled into a whirlwind of chaos.  This film defies perspective and is filmed like nothing else.  It's a world of seedy streets, dreamlike existence and drugged visions with amphetamine jolts of terror.  Cards of death defies boundaries as it truly is a shot on video slasher with the pacing of a Jess Franco flick, and the vibrant filming of a visionary. 

This was a lost sci-fi silent film for decades until 40% of it was discovered in Brazil.  The percentage found came at the heart of the plot and contained the fight between two robots.  The storyline was restored to the best ability possible.  The film draws upon technology and it's proper use in society, be it for man or used for criminal purposes.  The robot is used in negative ways upon the death of his creator and has to be fought by another robot in a mighty battle.  Primitive sci-fi at it's best and a real rager in the special effects department.  In the age of texting, it's time we read some real shit, that is the words on the bottom of a movie scene. 

There's a satanic play going on that is shrouded in mystery and has the feel of a circus.  It pays on the broadway circuit and things in the play start to happen in real life.  Although I usually shy away from arthouse horror for the most part, when it's combined with satanic shit, it always gives an element of sleeze no matter how high brow it tries to be.  It turns out there is a secret cult trying to get the lead actress pregnant with the anti-Christ.  It's all done in a nightmarish dream-state with so many whispers I had to turn the tv up.  It's a romp like no other and the coolest thing to happen to plays since the local theatre closed down.

A rare shot on video masterpiece staying true to gore and cult film making.  I often here stuff like "for gore hounds only"  which is somehow supposed to be negative!?!?!  Fuck these supposed fans of horror who write huge review books but scoff at low budget stuff.  This movie is legit!  Real horror fans making real backyard epics that reek of passion and are evident of hard work determination and love of the genre.  I'm totally down with plotless gore slashers if it is from the heart. 

Epic fucking stark science fiction.  Playing like a western in space, Sean Connery stars as a new Marshall on a company mining operation on the Jupiterion moon Io.  He soon doesn't fit into the "role" that the company would like, that is, turning his head and taking bribes to keep things at peace and not looking deep into anything odd.  Connery soon realizes that the company is letting black market drugs flow into the workplace to keep workers happy, complacent and full of energy.  Now up against the company and at odds with the bought off law enforcement agency that employs him.  A very gritty and surreal environment that harkens back to not only the class struggle of the past, present, but also the future.  Full of action, pace and doom.  This is real sci-fi and it actually takes place in space too.

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George White said...

I remember loving the Amazing Captain Nemo as a kid when shown on Irish telly. I thought it was awesome, as good as Star Wars. But then again I was six...