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Thursday, March 19, 2015

Underrated '85 - Guy Hutchinson

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I often hear that 1982 was the greatest year of film for that decade.

I disagree.

1982 is a fine year with many amazing films, but 1985 was the better in my opinion. 1985 had Back to the Future, The Goonies, The Breakfast Club, Pee-wee's Big Adventure, Mask and Cocoon. Plus new films for some of the most unforgettable movie franchises ever. 1985 had a new film for Rambo, Rocky, James Bond, Freddy, Jason, Mad Max, Police Academy, plus a new entry in both the Living Dead and Return of the Living Dead film series's respectively.

Yep, I think 1985 is underrated. Because of this, it was no challenge to find bunches of films to put on this list.

Below are the most underrated ones I could think of. These aren't "the best of the underrated films of 1985," these are "the most underrated films of 1985." These are wonderful little gems that I think usually would get overlooked even when making a list of "the most underrated films of 1985."

Beer (1985)
David Alan Grier, William Russ, and Saul Stein play a trio of losers who stop a robbery at a bar.
The film then goes through a scathing (but silly) send up of the beer industry, hitting all the right notes as it works to an absolutely preposterous (in a good way) third act.
This is a fun time capsule and definitively an underrated film.

The Adventures of Mark Twain (1985)
Will Vinton is widely considered a master of stop motion, but this odd film doesn't seem to click on many animation fans radar. It's a shame since the movie is a whole lot of fun. Legendary film actor James Whitmore voices Twain in a story that wraps around a series of vignettes based on Twain's stories.
The multiple story aspect of this title works well, always renewing the viewers interest as The Adventures of Mark Twain goes on.

Rustlers' Rhapsody (1985) 
Parody films didn't used to come around very often. Over the past few decades Scary Movie, Date Movie, Epic Movie, Superhero Movie, etc., etc., etc. have plagued moviegoers.
But in 1985 this film struck me as quite a novel idea. It was the Airplane of singing cowboy westerns. It was a less crude version of Blazing Saddles that drew it's inspiration from Roy Rogers and the like. It's a fun film that didn't age well (often the downfall of parodies) but is nonetheless enjoyable and an underrated film.

Santa Claus: The Movie(1985)
I didn't like this film very much when I first saw it. I didn't hate it, I just didn't "get it."
Still, as a Christmas film fan I really wanted to give it another chance when it came out on DVD. Before starting it up I watched some of the Santa Claus: The Movie trailers on the disc and everything clicked in place.
This was a superhero film.

Santa Claus: The Movie was made by the creators of the Christopher Reeve Superman franchise and this plays very much the same way. We get the Santa 'origin story,' we see how he got his Santa powers.

Then we see him go toe to toe with a super villain played by a scenery chewing John Lithgow. We also get Dudley Moore as this film's Jimmy Olsen. It's a very different look at Santa.

American Drive-In (1985)
There are some films that are fun to watch solely for the setting. Some people enjoy seeing films set in beautiful countryside, some people enjoy a film set on a ship in the ocean. I enjoy films that are set in seedy drive-ins. 
This film tells multiple wacky stories that happen on the same night at Sky Drive In Theater in Yucca Valley, California (today a flea market.)
The film is a basic low-rent, screwball comedy but the setting makes it a fun watch.

Grunt! The Wrestling Movie (1985)
I found this on VHS back in the 1990s and gave it a shot solely because I figured I would see some old wrestlers in a mediocre film. Instead, the film is a very clever mockumentary about "Mad Dog" Joe DeCurso, a wrestler who has gone into hiding after decapitating an opponent. 
The film is often genuinely funny and features great cameos from wrestlers like Dick Murdoch and Adrian Street.

Macaroni (1985) 
AKA "Maccheroni"
My mother is Italian. Growing up she always spoke Italian with all the older relatives and one of them recommended this film to my parents. I remember the night my parents watched it. Not wanting to see some "boring Italian movie" I went downstairs to play Atari. But after hearing genuine laughter over and over, I shut off Space Invaders and went upstairs to see what the laughs were all about.
I didn't necessarily understand it, but it seemed funny and I laughed too. 
Many years later I checked it out from start to finish by myself. It's a very funny film and Marcello and Jack are delightful together.

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