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Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Underrated '85 - Eric Peterson

Night Owl, Nomad, History Nerd, Rockfiend, Scribbler, Information Addict, pop culture archaeologist, podcast contributor, Biblioholic, Transmit-receive- accurate- telepathy… pretty much it degrades into song lyrics and three dots… Eric has a degree in Criminal Justice, has studied education and worked mostly in the security field. He has also run a small record label (Reanimator Records 1997 to 2002), studied in Sweden and currently lives in this the town he grew up in Ann Arbor Michigan.
I started 1985 as a 6th grader at my neighborhood elementary school and ended it as a 7th grader at the Middle Years Alternative program at our neighborhood Junior High School. We had a VCR at home and I lived in walking distance from a theater that was know for it’s $1 Tuesday showings. It was in many ways the real start of my film addiction.. These five films from 1985 are what I consider underrated or overlooked gems.

The Coca-Cola Kid (1985; Dusan Makavejev)
I recall hearing about this film on Siskel & Ebert and seeing it on video when I could. It’s charming film about a Coca-Cola executive who goes to the only part of Australia where Coke isn’t dominating the soda market. He learns about a local soda maker and finds that being an executive at a major international operation isn’t all there is to life. What makes the film is the strong performances by Eric Roberts and Greta Scacchi

O.C. and Stiggs (1985; Robert Altman)
Robert Altman’s take on the 80s teen film is a strange animal. Filled with the teen rebellion and revenge of the era it’s poking it’s finger in the eye of both the rich and the teen films of the era. The plot is about a pair of teens who are harassing a local insurance magnet. Lots of great character actors get a few moments.

Radioactive Dreams (1985; Albert Pyun)
Albert Pyun’s take on the After The Bomb genre with teen heroes who think they are 40s PIs out of a Raymond Chandler novel leave their fallout shelter and encounter Disco Midgets, hippies and other craziness. It’s a fun film that really needs to be on DVD or Bluray

Trouble in Mind (1985; Alan Rudolph)
I only saw this recently but’s it’s an mid 80s neo-noir set in an a slightly retro-futurism world with a dash of Bergman’s Shame. Set in Rain City (Seattle) Ex-con, Ex-cop Kris Kristofferson takes an interest in a young Lori Singer who has arrived in town with her no good man Keith Carradine. It’s a film that has the feel of many of the best off kilter 80s films and deserves to be rediscovered.

Creator (1985; Ivan Passer)
Peter O’Toole is a loose cannon scientist who teaches more than just science to his students and those around him. There are elements of a sick wife film, the sex comedy, the outsider v the establishment film and Frankenstein in this off beat romance comedy. It’s all really anchored by O’Toole but Mariel Hemingway, Virginia Madsen and David Ogden Stiers all do sold work in the film.

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beamish13 said...

Terrific list! Coca Cola Kid and O.C. & Stiggs are both brilliant satires of American politics and runaway capitalism in the 80's