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Thursday, April 2, 2015

Underrated '85 - Alan Dorich

Alan is a dedicated movie watcher that I recommend you follow on twitter and letterboxd:

Check out his 2014 Film discoveries list too:

MOVING VIOLATIONS (D: Neal Israel, 1985) 
After the success of POLICE ACADEMY, co-writers Neal Israel and Pat Proft brought their winning formula to traffic school. And we get a gaggle of misfits, led by John Murray, who seems to be borrowing heavily from the act of his more famous brother Bill. But there are some big laughs to be had here, particularly my favorite scene when Murray tricks two cops into beating the living hell out of their captain's car. Cheap fun, but good fun, featuring Jennifer Tilly, Fred Willard, Brian Backer and Sally Kellerman as one kinky judge.

RETURN TO OZ (D: Walter Murch, 1985) 
This is probably the best movie on this list. Sure, THE WIZARD OF OZ is a classic film, but RETURN TO OZ is a movie deserving of more rediscovery than it's already had. Fairuza Balk makes a wonderful Dorothy, and I find the Tik-Tok and Jack Pumpkinhead characters as lovable as the Scarecrow or the Cowardly Lion. It's also got some pretty damn scary stuff in it, with the Wheelers and Princess Mombi's collection of heads. Overall, it makes a great mix for a fantasy film.

FRIDAY THE 13TH: A NEW BEGINNING (D: Danny Steinmann, 1985) 
Okay, fine, so Jason Voorhees isn't actually in this one. But you've got a guy in a hockey mask, so that should be good enough, right? Well, maybe not for everybody. But I think overall FRIDAY THE 13TH: A NEW BEGINNING is a blackly funny good time for all, although it did mark the end of co-writer/director Steinmann's career. It even has Dudley (Shavar Ross) from DIFF'RENT STROKES! 

THOU SHALT NOT KILL...EXCEPT (D: Josh Becker, 1985) 
This splattery actioner is a bit rough around the edges, but it delivers where it counts. It tells the story of several Vietnam vets going up against a murderous cult, led by Sam Raimi himself!  THOU SHALT NOT KILL...EXCEPT delivers both Cannon Films-style action and EVIL DEAD-level goofiness, with a toolshed scene that puts COMMANDO's to shame. 

THE ORACLE (D: Roberta Findlay, 1985) 
I have yet to see a subtle Roberta Findlay movie, and I hope I never will. Here, she brings us a ROSEMARY'S BABY/THE SENTINEL-inspired flick about a woman who finds a fortune telling device that drives her to solve a mystery -- if she doesn't get committed by her asshole pig of a husband first. With cheesy monsters, blood geysers and bad taste abound in this guilty pleasure. 

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SteveQ said...

Who knew "Moving Violations" would be similar to Vigo's "Zero de Conduite" in movie posters?