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Saturday, April 4, 2015

Underrated '85 - Sarah Jane

Sarah Jane has seen over 4,100 films. She is partial to exploitation genre. She originally hails from Southern California but it currently stuck somewhere in the South West. She once studied to be a script supervisor. She generally uses a lot of curse words in her writing. Her ramblings can be found at
Check out her Film Discoveries list from 2014:

1985 was around the time I consciously started to seek out filmsthat weren’t in the mainstream. I remember going to see A Room with a View and My Beautiful Laundrette. Mind you, I was barely in high school but I wanted to broaden my horizons. Of course, I was also still watching some of these gems below.

Vision Quest (1985) – Directed by Harold Becker
Man, did I have a crush on Matthew Modine. He was so dreamy. Between this and Birdy (1984- another underrated film, if you ask me) I was in heaven. Modine stars as a high school wrestler who decides to lose a shitload of weight to take on the state wrestling champion. Meanwhile, sex on a stick Linda Fiorentino comes to live at Modine’s house as a boarder. Well, you can’t have that much heat in one place without some combustion going on. Sex on a stick 1, Virginity 0. Thrown in some Tangerine Dream and Madonna and you’ve got a recipe for some goodness right there.

Explorers (1985) – Directed by Joe Dante
Man, did I have a crush on both River Phoenix AND Ethan Hawke. Yes, they were a bit younger than Matthew Modine but, hey, I was a wee teen when these films came out. Hawke plays a kids who dreams about some electrical spacey-type stuff and decides to try and build it. He recruits his friend, Phoenix, to help him out. I remember watching this a lot on cable TV. After Piranha (1978), this is the second film I’d seen from Dante (I didn’t see Gremlins until later, as in a couple of months ago ‘later’. I know!). I think this a film that isn’t talked about much. You’d think with two rising stars like Hawke and Phoenix it would have received more attention. And it has Dick Miller in it.

Gotcha! (1985)– Directed by Jeff Kanew
My older brother took me to see this. I remember have a grand old time and laughing a lot. Anthony Edwards (who was cute but meh) stars as a college student who is obsessed with some paint-ball game where they run around campus trying to ‘kill’each other (whatever floats your boat, mate). Anyway, he and his friend go to Paris and meet a hot Czech chick and whoa, it’sLinda Fiorentino. She and Edwards decide to take off to West Berlin (yes, I said West Berlin. This film does suffer a bit from being dated). In the process, Fiorentino takes his virginity (shocker!) and then some shenanigans begin. Fun times, fun times.

The Legend of Billie Jean (1985) – Directed by Matthew Robbins
Helen Slater stars as Billie Jean along with Christian (yeah, he was hot in Heathers) Slater as her brother Binx in this revenge-type movie. BJ is constantly harassed by the local boys because she is smokin’ hot. The boys doing the harassing steal Binx’sbike, then the boys beat the shit out of him for trying to get it back. BJ gets to the breaking point when she is nearly raped by a man they thought would help them out. Of course, the cops don’t want to help so BJ takes it upon herself to get the town’s attention. Boy, does she get it!

Death Wish 3 (1985)– Directed by Michael Winner
Bad ass Bronson is back in NYC (after being persona non grata) to take on some more criminals. The incident that sets him off this time is having his war buddy shot dead. Enough to set anyone off, really. Bronson begins to clean up the area around the tenement house he now lives in. The place is in the middle of two different gangs. The love interest here is Deborah Raffin;well not so much a love interest as someone he takes to dinner. Someone should have warned her about getting involved with Bronson because, of course, she is killed. Bronson isn’t fucking around anymore. In usual fashion, he takes on the gangs and wins. These Death Wish films are easy to predict (hell, even my four year old could describe how the film would end) but they are oh so fun to watch.

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