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Sunday, November 15, 2015

Second Sight - STOP MAKING SENSE on Blu-ray

STOP MAKING SENSE (1984; Jonathan Demme)
Once upon a time, I was of a person who had little to no appreciation for concert videos. I wouldn't have even given them the credit of being actual movies. I always thought of them as relatively static and boring "put the camera one place and record the event" kinds of things and it baffled me that people would want to watch them. I completely understood why folks would enjoy going to a live concert, but watching it on tape after the fact perplexed me. Clearly it was a thing though because the concert movies we had on VHS back at my video store got checked out with a good deal of regularity. I watched them myself at work even, but they were just background for when I was counting out the tills and prepping to open the store (when I didn't feel like having a movie on the tvs). I divide my experience with concert cinema into pre and post STOP MAKING SENSE. It really was that much of a revelation. I was starting to come around to the format when I first saw things like Scorsese's THE LAST WALTZ and the Masyles' GIMME SHELTER. Both of those films were pretty epic in their eventy-ness. But as for a somewhat more conventional concert that has become one of my very favorite things, STOP MAKING SENSE takes the cake. Sure, it does have something to do with my feelings about The Talking Heads and their music (which I like very much), but it's also about the way this particular show was put on and captured by the great Jonathan Demme. There's that aspect and there is of course the unforgettable, basically immortal David Byrne. Byrne is a performer's performer. He has an unbelievable and contagious energy about him that must be witnessed to properly understand its greatness. The whole vibe of this concert is just absolutely exuberant. It's not like some kind of hair metal band performance with laser lights and fireworks and whatnot, but it does feature some lovely mood changes, costume changes and set changes. It's just truly one of the most sublime musical and cinematic experiences I've ever taken and over the years it has become my favorite movie if its kind. 
This new Blu-ray from UK Distributors Second Sight looks and sounds great and has some excellent Bonus features:
-Bonus Tracks – ‘Cities’, ‘Big Business’/’I Zimbra’
-One hour band press conference

-Audio commentary with the band and Jonathan Demme.
-‘Once in a Lifetime’ Music Video.
-Four Audio Mixes: 5.1 and Stereo Feature Film Mix, 5.1 and Stereo Studio Mix.
FYI, this disc is REGION B.

From Second Sight's Press Release: "Stop Making Sense arrives on Blu-ray and DVD in a definitive, restored edition – with more than 60,000 instances of dirt and scratches removed."

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SteveQ said...

I watched "Stop Making Sense" in a theater every Saturday night for more than a year. Don't ask me why.