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Monday, November 2, 2015

Underrated '45 - Favorites from Seventy Years Ago

This was a somewhat tougher year to dig out the underseen gems from so I had to go with a few things that are certainly far from unknown. All good stuff though and highly recommended!
THE CLOCK (1945; Vincente Minnelli)
Delightful and affecting love story from Vincente Minnelli. I believe he was already deeply in love with Judy Garland when he made this movie and you can tell by the way he shoots her.

THE BODY SNATCHER (1945; Robert Wise)
If you ever need a reminder of how good and how creepy Boris Karloff can be, all you need do is rewatch this Val Lewton classic.

SCARLET STREET (1945; Fritz Lang)
Amazing that Eddie Robinson and Fritz Lang made two very similar films in back to back years (THE WOMAN IN THE WINDOW being the other), but this fatalistic noir is easily the best of the two.

I KNOW WHERE I'M GOING (1945; Powell/Pressburger)
I'm including this one mostly because I'd really love to see Criterion give it a Blu-ray upgrade and the fact that it hasn't gotten one yet makes me feel like the movie is less loved than it should be. Amazing effort from the Archers. I like it more each time I see it and it still moves me.

HANGOVER SQUARE (1945; John Brahm)
Pianos and burning buildings.

Jack Benny is the angel Gabriel and he may bring about the end of the work by blowing his trumpet. It's comedy by Raoul Walsh and he made a handful of great ones.


Jerry Entract said...

1945 movies are right in my 'comfort zone' so I am really looking forward to this latest thread.
Very nice, and varied, selection of films here, Brian. Congratulations. I really hope the films reviewed by you and others turn a few folks onto that especially golden era of film-making.

Hal said...

Benny joked for years about THE HORN BLOWS AT MIDNIGHT being a bomb on his radio and TV shows. It was a surprise when I finally got to see it that it wasn't bad at all. It's no TO BE OR NOT TO BE, but then, what is?