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Tuesday, December 22, 2015

New Release Roundup - December 22nd, 2015

NIGHTMARES on Blu-ray (Scream Factory)

THE BRAIN THAT WOULDN'T DIE on Blu-ray (Scream Factory)

DEADLY HERO on Blu-ray (Code Red)

BRUTE CORPS on Blu-ray (Code Red)

VENUS WARS on Blu-ray (Eastern Star)

SPACE ADVENTURE COBRA on Blu-ray (Eastern Star)

PAWN SACRIFICE on Blu-ray (Universal)

PAN on Blu-ray (Warner Bros)

PAN on 3D Blu-ray (Warner Bros)

WAR ROOM on Blu-ray (Sony)


THE GIANT KING on DVD (Lionsgate)

Despite a light week of Blu-ray Releases, a bunch of new movies landed on VOD today!

SICARIO on VOD (Lionsgate)!content/729239/Sicario-plus-bonus-features

THE MARTIAN on VOD (Fox)!content/732197/The-Martian-plus-bonus-features

HOTEL TRANSYLVAINA 2 on VOD (Sony)!content/736681/Hotel-Transylvania-2-plus-bonus-content

THE GREEN INFERNO on VOD (Universal)!content/572447/The-Green-Inferno

SINISTER 2 on VOD (Focus)!content/684603/Sinister-2

THE WALK on VOD (Sony)!content/737724/The-Walk-plus-bonus-content

EVEREST on VOD (Sony)!content/696301/Everest

THE INTERN on VOD (Warner Bros)!content/697921/The-Intern

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