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Saturday, December 5, 2015

Warner Archive - JUSTICE LEAGUE UNLIMITED Complete Series on Blu-ray

I'm more and more a fan of these DC animated shows all the time. Between BATMAN THE BRAVE AND THE BOLD GREEN LANTERN THE ANIMATED SERIES and YOUNG JUSTICE alone, these are easily some of the best incarnations of the DC universe. Alas, if only the live-action movies could come close to these shows in terms of quality storytelling. Nonetheless, I do quite enjoy seeing these superhero tales told in longform formats as well as in good old episodic chunks. It's neat to hang out with these teams of heroes and see them deal with complex and sometimes darker, more adult scenarios. What's fun about JUSTICE LEAGUE UNLIMITED is that the pool of characters being drawn from is ginormous as heck so each episode serves up a new combination of three or four costumed crusaders to fight the baddies. You've got your old classics like Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman of course to anchor things, but every round of this show tosses different folks into the mix. Green Arrow and Supergirl are regulars as is Martian Manhunter, but characters like Hawk and Dove (who I'd never heard of ) are featured in the fourth episode for example. Hawk and Dove are very cleverly cast as Jason Hervey and Fred Savage (who played antagonistic brothers on the classic TV show THE WONDER YEARS). But the cool casting doesn't stop there. The goodness of the cast of the "expanded League" members goes like this: John C. McGinley as Atom, Jerry O'Connell as Captain Marvel, Jeremy Piven as Elongated Man, Tom Sizemore as Metamorpho, Michael Beach as Mr. Terrific, Ron Perlman as Orion, Jeffrey Combs(!) as Question (& Dr. Moon), Powers Boothe as Red Tornado, Nathan Fillion as Vigilante, Mark hamill as Trickster, Gina Torres as Vixen, Adam Baldwin as Jonah Hex, Ed Asner as Hephaestus, Dick Miller as Oberon and Robert Forster as the President of the United States. Now I could tell you that the writing on this show is quite excellent and hopefully that would draw you in too, but that cast of talent alone is so epic and breathtaking that it should be enough to just list those actors (that's not even all of them). On top of all that, voice cast regulars Kevin Conroy, Phil LaMarr, Susan Eisenberg, George Newburn, Nichelle Tom and others are all super solid across the board. A well performed and well crafted show that deserves to be on your shelf. Will absolutely remind you why DC is a great universe to hang out in.

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