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Saturday, January 2, 2016

Film Discoveries of 2015 - Alan Dorich

Alan is an avid movie watchin' fella that I recommend you follow on twitter AND letterboxd:

Check out his 2014 & 2013 discoveries lists too:

1. OFFICE KILLER (D: Cindy Sherman, 1997) If OFFICE KILLER was as good as Carol Kane, it would be CITIZEN KANE (pun intended). Instead, it’s just a lot of fun as Kane plays a mousy worker who snaps after she accidentally kills one of the creeps in her office. She then proceeds to go after others and make the life hell for Kim (Molly Ringwald!) who is the only one who sees that she’s a bit of a maniac. This is really a great showpiece for Kane, walking the line between kooky and menacing.

2. RAIDERS OF ATLANTIS (D: Ruggero Deodato, 1983) Deodato is known mostly for his CANNIBAL HOLOCAUST and deservedly so, but why this utterly insane actioner isn’t more well known is beyond me. Set in 1994 for no good reason, Christopher Connelly and Tony King play badass mercenaries who have to save the world from the pissed-off citizens of Atlantis, who dress like punked-out villains from a MAD MAX movie. The film heaves logic out the window when it’s not pushing the body count into the millions.

3. THE LOST EMPIRE (D: Jim Wynorski, 1985) Here’s the one that started it all — the first film directed by exploitation legend Wynorski, who feels like he was given carte blanche do do whatever he wanted in a mix of pulp adventure and…well, utter trash, as three Amazon women head to an island for a competition run by an ENTER THE DRAGON-style villain played by Angus Scrimm! This would make a great double-bill with RAW FORCE.

4. SOMETIMES AUNT MARTHA DOES DREADFUL THINGS (D: Thomas Casey, 1971) This tells the story of two hoodlums on the lam: Stanley (Wayne Crawford, a.k.a. JAKE SPEED) and Paul (Abe Zwick), who has assumed the identity of Stanley’s Aunt Martha, leading him to walk around in drag and act in a maternal manner, even when they’re alone. When Paul gets jealous of any woman Stanley brings home, it results in the dreadful things implied by the title. This one feels like BOSOM BUDDIES crossed with NIGHT WARNING.

5. BREWSTER MCCLOUD (D: Robert Altman, 1970) I’ve saved the best for last here with this truly off-kilter, wonderful Altman film about the titular character played by Bud Cort, who just wants to build wings that will allow him to fly within the confines of the Houston Astrodome. Throw in a murder plot, lots of bird excrement and a glorious soundtrack, and you’ve got a movie that feels like you’re watching a filmmaker get away with the greatest crime ever in the studio system. Highly recommended.

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beamish13 said...

BREWSTER MCCLOUD is one of Altman's very best. Just glorious writing and photography (Jordan Cronenweth was fired almost exactly halfway through production). Like O.C. & STIGGS and HEALTH, it's dying for a bigger audience