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Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Rupert's Best Discs of 2015!

The fact that 2015 was a pretty amazing year for catalog releases was pretty indisputable. It is kind of sad that so much great stuff is becoming available even as the physical format seems to be pretty well on the decline. Regardless, I do hope discs will stick around for a while longer so we can see more wonderful and oft forgotten films like these get the Blu-ray treatment which seems to breathe new life into them and find them scores of new fans. One way I love to promote all these catalog releases and excellent boutique labels that put them out is through the podcast I co-host called OFF THE SHELF. If you haven't been listening, it is a weekly show wherein in my friend Ryan Gallagher and I discuss home video news and new releases on Blu-ray and DVD. I do recommend you check it out if you are a geek for this stuff like we are.
Also, we just recorded out Best of 2015 episode so you can hear us discuss our lists there too if you like:
Below are my favorites from 2015, most of which are based on movies that I like very much which also got decent treatment on Blu-ray:

1. BREAKING AWAY on Blu-ray (Twilight Time)
2. RIVER'S EDGE on Blu-ray (Kino Lorber Studio Classics)
3. THE BROOD on Blu-ray (Criterion)
4. RIDE THE PINK HORSE on Blu-ray (Criterion)
5. MIRACLE MILE on Blu-ray (Kino Lorber Studio Classics)
6. BLOOD AND BLACK LACE on Blu-ray (Arrow Video)
7. THE PROWLER on Blu-ray (VCI)
8. THE SPECIAL EFFECTS Collection on Blu-ray (Warner Bros)
9. MURDER MY SWEET on Blu-ray (Warner Archive)
10. FAT CITY on Blu-ray (Twilight Time)/EMPEROR OF THE NORTH on Blu-ray (Twilight Time)

Honorable Mentions:
Sorry this list is so long, but there was just way to much good stuff hit Blu-ray in 2015! If nothing else, let this serve as a reminder of a bunch of cool films that hit Blu-ray. Here's a small sample of the stuff that didn't make my top ten:

-MOONRISE KINGDOM on Blu-ray (Criterion)

-THUNDERBIRDS The Complete Series on Blu-ray (Shout Factory)
-THE FISHER KING on Blu-ray (Criterion)

-PALM BEACH STORY on Blu-ray (Criterion)
-SULLIVAN'S TRAVELS on Blu-ray (Criterion)

-SPEEDY on Blu-ray (Criterion)
-MAKE WAY FOR TOMORROW on Blu-ray (Criterion)

-THE THIN BLUE LINE on Blu-ray (Criterion)
-THE APU TRILOGY on Blu-ray (Criterion)

-DRESSED TO KILL on Blu-ray (Criterion)

-DINER on Blu-ray (Warner Bros)

-MODERN GIRLS on Blu-ray (Kino Lorber Studio Classics)

-I, MADMAN on Blu-ray (Scream Factory)

-AT CLOSE RANGE (Twilight Time)

-42ND STREET on Blu-ray (Warner Archive)

-ROAR on Blu-ray (Olive Films/Drafthouse)

-BLOOD RAGE on Blu-ray (Arrow Video)

-THE CAR on Blu-ray (Scream Factory)

-GRIZZLY on Blu-ray (Scorpion Releasing)

-JOYSTICKS on Blu-ray (Scorpion Releasing)

-MADMAN on Blu-ray (Vinegar Syndrome)

-ZARDOZ on Blu-ray (Twilight Time)

-TALES FROM THE CRYPT: DEMON KNIGHT on Blu-ray (Scream Factory)

-10 TO MIDNIGHT on Blu-ray (Twilight Time)

-BUSTING on Blu-ray (Kino Lorber Studio Classics)

-TRUCK TURNER on Blu-ray (Kino Lorber Studio Classics)
-ANGST on Blu-ray (Cult Epics)
-LIVING IN OBLIVION on Blu-ray (Shout Factory)

-THE HURRICANE on Blu-ray (Kino Lorber Studio Classics)

-3D RARITIES on Blu-ray (Flicker Alley)

-CHAPLIN'S ESSANAY COMEDIES on Blu-ray (Flicker Alley)


-THE AMERICAN DREAMER on Blu-ray (Etiquette Pictures)

-MASSACRE MAFIA STYLE on Blu-ray (Grindhouse Releasing)

Just Good (or Fun)Movies:
With the exception of the Twilight Time Blu-rays and a few KL Studio Classics releases listed below (and THE SURE THING), most of these discs are pretty bare bones in terms of extras, but they are all movies that I like enough to recommend they be picked up anyway:

-SHARKY'S MACHINE on Blu-ray (Warner)

-PRIME CUT on Blu-ray (Kino Lorber Studio Classics)

-DEFIANCE on Blu-ray (Kino Lorber Studio Classics)

-HOUSE OF BAMBOO on Blu-ray (Twilight Time)

-HELLFIGHTERS on Blu-ray (Universal)

-THE ONE AND ONLY on Blu-ray (Olive Films)

-PHASE IV on Blu-ray (Olive Films)

-THE SENDER on Blu-ray (Olive Films)

-ROLLER BOOGIE on Blu-ray (Olive Films)

-FOXES on Blu-ray (Kino Lorber Studio Classics)
-BABY IT'S YOU on Blu-ray (Olive Films)

-THE BEST OF EVERYTHING on Blu-ray (Twilight Time)

-THE WORLD OF HENRY ORIENT on Blu-ray (Twilight Time)

-THRASHIN' on Blu-ray (Olive Films)
-SUMMER LOVERS on Blu-ray (Twilight Time)

-THE SURE THING on Blu-ray (Shout Factory)

-BREAKIN'/BREAKIN 2 on Blu-ray (Shout Factory)

-STONE COLD on Blu-ray (Olive Films)

-DEADLY PREY on Blu-ray (Slasher Video/Olive Films)

-SHAKMA on Blu-ray (Code Red)


-WOLFEN on Blu-ray (Warner Archive)

-DEAD SILENCE on Blu-ray (Universal)

-TROOP BEVERLY HILLS on Blu-ray (Sony)

-THE BIG PICTURE on Blu-ray (Mill Creek)


-REAL MEN on Blu-ray (Kino Lorber Studio Classics)

-THE BUBBLE on 3D Blu-ray (Kino Lorber)

-BURN, WITCH, BURN on Blu-ray (Scorpion/Kino Lorber)

Best DVDS!
Lots of great rarities found their way onto disc this year, here are just a few of my favorites:

-FIVE CAME BACK on DVD (Warner Archive)
-TWICE UPON A TIME on DVD (Warner Archive)

-CLUE CLUB The Complete Series on DVD (Warner Archive)

-RUN OF THE ARROW on DVD (Warner Archive)

-SOL MADRID on DVD (Warner Archive)

-VIVA VILLA! on DVD (Warner Archive)

-MANIMAL The Complete Series (Shout Factory)

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