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Monday, February 1, 2016

Film Discoveries of 2015 - Bryan Connolly

Bryan Connolly is one of the co-authors of one of the greatest film books ever - DESTROY ALL MOVIES. He also writes soon-to-be-award-winning screenplays with Zack Carlson under the banner King Originals.
Here's a Film Discoveries list he did a few years back:
Dir: John Carl Buechler / 1991

A bunch of little monsters reek havoc on fraternity row. They help the evil dean (Kevin McCarthy) become the king of the pranksters. Lil' dude genre mixed with horny college comedy equals a film better than Citizen Kane!

Dir: Robert Mandel / 1987

A child runaway teams up with a streetwise kid to learn the ways of scammin' and jammin'. Insanely profane and inappropriate kid's film, mostly due to the fact that it is written by Hollywood sleazemaster Joe Eszterhas.

Dir: Tsai Ming-liang / 1998

Apocalyptic musical awkward comedy. Brilliant hang out style. Bleak as all hell and funny as shit. Rude slobby neighbor vomits down hole in floor onto nice lady below. The dance numbers are incredible! New film to be inspired by. Gonna watch more of this director in 2016! Might be my new guy.

Dir: Blake Edwards / 1983

Reimagining of Truffaut film where Artist David (Burt Reynolds) is rich, famous and sleeps with a lot of ladies. Fun for a while until the loneliness sets in. Reynolds in his prime playing not the usual cool dude, but instead a cool dude with intimacy problems. Hits hard truths. Has a scene where Reynolds accidentally glues a tiny dog to his hand. Slapstick for adults needs to happen more.

Dir: Thierry Notz / 1989
Dir: Andrew Stevens / 1991

Mad Max/Alien rip-off starring handsome charmer Andrew Stevens. Makes the most with it's low budget. The real star of both is Butch Stevens, Andrew Steven's lovable pitbull turned actor. Butch don't give a fuck. He will do whatever he wants in a scene. The script can't tame him! I love that Andrew Stevens was probably like,” Oh, you need a dog. Well, let's just use mine. That way I don't have to get a sitter.” For more of the Butch Stevens power check out Night Eyes 1 and 2 where you see him grab a lime off a tree, hang out on a couch and get fired from a job! Best dog actor of all time.

Dir: Robert Aldrich / 1977

A few weeks in the life of some crazy ass cops. Truly vile and insane character arcs in this one hundred percent un-PC film. The cast of this is a humdinger (Charles Durning, Perry King, Randy Quaid, James Woods and the indestructible Burt Young). No big plot here. Just a series of vignettes of them on assignment or in a public park getting wasted. Imagine if Police Academy was full of brutal violence and seething hatred.

Dir: Bill Forsyth / 1983

A stuffy oil man relaxes and finds life in small town Scotland. I always saw the box of this in the video store and never thought about it. Now that I've seen it, I can safely say I am a better person. An actually charming truly quirky little comedy. Dreamy and hilarious.

Dir: H.C. Potter / 1941

Stylings of Olsen and Johnson on full display in this no rules comedy masterpiece. Bonkers from start to finish. Relentless jokes, film references and fourth wall breaking antics make this grandaddy to Mel Brooks and Zucker/Abrahams/Zucker joints. The most insane dance number where people are thrown willy nilly all over the damn place. Cameo from Stooge number 1 Shemp Howard as our clumsy projectionist.

PRIVATE PARTSDir: Paul Bartel / 1972
Disturbing, yucky hotel horror. Bloody syringes injected sexually into blow up doll. Spying pervs in the bathroom. I will never stay in a hotel in Los Angeles as long as I live. There is humor here but it is dark, dark black. Bartel never made anything so upsetting, but then again neither has anyone else.

Dir: Ernest Dickerson / 1994

Rich people played by brilliant character actors (F. Murray Abraham, Gary Busey, Charles S. Dutton, William McNamara) are led by Rutger Hauer to hunt down and kill homeless guy (Ice T). Simple plot could've made for a boring film, but T is so likeable and the action is great. Best of all though is the dinner table monologue Busey gives about killing a dog. Maybe the finest acting of his career. On a roll director Dickerson followed this up with incredible Tales From the Crypt: Demon Knight.


Dean Treadway said...

Terrific writing here--succinct and lively. So glad you loved LOCAL HERO. I gotta check out PRIVATE PARTS and THE MAN WHO LOVED WOMEN.

beamish13 said...

You really need to seek out the rest of Bill Forsyth's oeuvre-Housekeeping, Comfort & Joy and Gregory's Girl are masterpieces