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Friday, February 12, 2016

Film Discoveries of 2015 - Elric Kane

Elric Kane is Co-host of Killer POV podcast(one of my favorite shows). Also, he's on Twitter here: 

1. Les Diables (dir. Ruggia, ’02)
One of the most incredibly daring films about children I’ve ever seen. The performances are so intense and real that it transcends watching a film and makes you feel like a participant in their struggles. This film is virtually unknown in USA and may take hunting for but this makes Larry Clark’s films seem “safe”. A masterpiece. 
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2. Sharky’s Machine (dir Reynolds, ’81)
Excellent Golden age Burt Reynolds film directed by the man himself. A cop demoted to Vice stumbles into a Rear Window murder scenario. Funny, sexy, strange and always surprising your expectations. Henry Silva is excellent as always as the psycho killer.
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3. The Pit ( dir. Lehman, ’81)
I was familiar with the VHS cover of this one but had never seen it and hard to find now. Deranged Canadian horror. Pervert kid throws folks down a hole in the forest where troll creatures await. Oh, and he his stuffed teddy tells him to kill. A sadistic wonder.

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4. Rituals aka The Creeper (dir. Carter, ’77)
Deliverance is one of my favorite American films so Rituals was a true revelation (Another Canuxploitation gem!). Very similar in set-up but more in the Horror realm. Hal Holbrook in a career best performance as a Doctor who will do anything to survive. The filmmaking feels almost dangerous in it’s use of unforgiving locations and realist shooting style. Survival horror at it’s finest. Hopefully Code Red will release a Blu at some point.

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5. Sonny Boy (dir. Carroll, ’89)
Killer POV listener John Berry sent me a copy on dvd from a VHS of this before the new re-release from Scream factory. I love Cult films and this is a cult that is sure to grow over the years. Like the male version of ‘Baby Doll’ if directed by the love child of Jodorowsky and John Waters. Truly strange and entertaining White Trash christ riff with David Carradine playing Transvestite Mom. There’s nothing quite like this one folks.
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Other worthy 2015 discoveries: Family Plot, Ride the Pink Horse, I Madman, Defiance, The Resurrected

Fav rediscovery screening: The Reflecting Skin 35mm (Heavy Midnites @ Cinefamily)
Seeing this on the big screen rocketed it into the pantheon of my favorite films.
Fav Re-master release: Messiah of Evil on Blu (Code Red).

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beamish13 said...

I was at that screening of The Reflecting Skin, too! Cinefamily has really blown me away with the 35mm prints they've gotten ahold of. I never thought I'd see that, Twice Upon a Time, The Plague Dogs and The Adventures of Mark Twain in celluloid