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Thursday, February 11, 2016

Warner Archive - A MIGHTY WIND on Blu-ray

A MIGHTY WIND (2003; Christoper Guest)
"Wha' Happened?"
Christopher Guest has obviously carved a remarkable niche for himself in the wake of the epic classic that is THIS IS SPINAL TAP. 
I think that A MIGHTY WIND gets short shrift when it comes to the Guest filmography. WAITING FOR GUFFMAN was his first effort and is much beloved as is the somewhat broader BEST IN SHOW. WIND though, is perhaps more esoteric and so it doesn't connect with as many people. The Guest stock company is all here and all are bringing their usual best comedic stuff. This film is maybe even a little bit more subtle and less jokey than some of the others, but I don't mind that. I still find it to be not only very funny, but also wonderfully sincere and earnest in kind of a similar way to the music that runs throughout.
Christopher Guest, Michael McKean and Harry Shearer have such amazing chemistry together and seeing them back together as a trio is really a thing that really makes my geek heart swell with happiness. And to see them as this like alternate universe folk band is just a real trip. They are really at their best when the are inhabiting a musical microcosm. The attention to detail in terms of the songs and the music with them is just remarkable. It's clearly a world they adore and whilst they are clearly making fun of the folk scene, they also have a love for it and a love for making music that is both authentic but also funny at the same time. It adds this extra layer of observational humor to the proceedings that just elevates everything. The details though, from the album cover designs to the interesting nasaly vibrato thing that Chris Guest adds to his voice when he is performing, are just outstanding. You can almost feel the depth of knowledge these guys have about this kind of music and how it's engrained in them. It allows them to create these characters and groups that are familiar and yet completely their own thing.  On top of that, A MIGHTY WIND has a lot of heart to it that is not so present in the other Christopher Guest movies. A big part of that comes from Eugene Levy and Catherine O'Hara who play a former duo who used to perhaps be in love with each other but had a falling out and broke up. Their biggest hit from back in the day,(called "A Kiss At the End of the Rainbow") is a delightful and touching song and one that I find genuinely moving by the end of the movie. So in a lot of ways, A MIGHTY WIND is a nice sister film to THIS IS SPINAL TAP and one that I've found myself more and more drawn to as I've gotten older.

Special Features:
This disc has a healthy "gust" of extras:
-An Audio Commentary with Christopher Guest & Eugene Levy.
-Nearly 30 Minutes of additional scenes including "The Good Book Song", "The Catheter Song".
-An Interview with the Folksmen.
-The Bohners meet their fans and more.
-Live TV Broadcast of the concert: The Climactic Benefit Show in its entirety.
-"Vintage" TV appearances from the bands.
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