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Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Warner Home Entertainment - STRANGE BREW on Blu-ray

STRANGE BREW (1983; Dave Thomas/Rick Moranis)
hos·er (hōzər/) 
noun, CANADIAN, informal
a foolish or uncultivated person.

I often ask myself what are the things that make something a "cult movie"? It's a strange alchemy that ends up making the films that not only stick with people, but obsess them. Cult movies often tend to be a little weird and it is perhaps their weirdness that makes them stand out. STRANGE BREW is certainly in the weird camp and has been called one of the oddest versions of Shakespeare's Hamlet ever made. You'd never pick up on the Hamlet stuff at first, but it's a fun piece of trivia.
What Rick Moranis and Dave Thomas effectively do with STRANGE BREW is bring us into the Bob & Doug McKenzie universe. It's not a normal place. Dogs can fly and secrets are given up in exchange for jelly donuts. It's a strange but delightful universe and it is made most enjoyable simply by allowing us to follow Bob and Doug around and see them interact (mostly antagonizing each other). Thomas and Moranis created these characters for Canadian television (specifically SCTV) around 1980 and they have become two of the most iconic representations of the great white north culture to this very day. I don't envy Canadians in the U.S. for the amount of times they must have heard lines from this movie thrown back at them when they have talked about their homeland. Moranis and Thomas were probably unprepared for the inevitable adoration for these characters, but their SCTV sketches led to not only this movie, but also a comedy album as well. If you like the movie and you haven't heard the album, you should really give it a listen. It is quite a treat, though not as refined as STRANGE BREW is in terms of their schtick.
A lot of movies can be highly quotable. It can become an experiment in tribe identification when a line of dialogue is thrown out yo friends or strangers. Who will get the reference and fire back another line is always the question. Quotable movies are one thing, but when a movie can add terms and phrases to the lexicon of popular speech, that's really something special. STRANGE BREW is one of those films for sure. With few exceptions, there won't be many folks who watch this movie and don't end up using the word "hoser" or the phrase "Take off eh!" when they are done viewing it. "Hoser" is just one of those terms of endearment that is lovely to dig out every so often and lay on your close friends and family who are fans of Bob and Doug. It never ceases to make people smile.
One of the defining characteristics of a cult movie is eminent watchability and STRANGE BREW has that in spades. It must have something to do with the casual hangout vibe that Bob and Doug themselves create within the film. You just want to sit down next the them on the couch, throw on a tuk (their signature stocking caps), have a beer and a jelly donut and just kick back. I'm sure I've seen this movie at least a dozen times at this point and it still makes me laugh quite a bit. Even something as simple as a line like, "Pssst, act!" leaves me snickering forever.

Special Features:
- The Animated Adventures of Bob and Doug McKenzie
- Classic McKenzie Brothers Sketch from SCTV: How to Stuff a Mouse in a Beer Bottle
- Theatrical Trailer

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