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Monday, April 11, 2016

Underrated '96 - Stephen Scarlata

Mr. Scarlata is a personal friend of mine and he and I are were very much raised on a lot of the same 80s junk/goodness. One of his favorite movies is THE PIT. He's a cool fella. He was also one of the producers on JODOROWSKY'S DUNE which is currently available on Blu-ray:
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SPACE TRUCKERS (1996; Stuart Gordon)
Couldn’t help to watch this every time it played on HBO back in the day. If you’re a fan of films like Dark Star and Ice Pirates then you’ll really dig this underrated gem from Stuart Gordon. One of the stand-outs of this feature for me is Ron Cobb’s vibrant spacecraft designs.

THE STENDHAL SYNDROME (1996; Dario Argento)
I loved this film since it came out. Never understood the hate. I personally feel that it’s Dario Argento’s best film of the decade.

OVERKILL (1996; Dean Raphael Ferrandini)
Saw this when it was streaming on Netflix a few years back. Found it interesting to see that it stared Aaron Norris. Usually we’re used to him behind the camera directing his brother Chuck. This being one of his rare on-screen appearances I had to check it out and man was I happy I did. Yeah, this isn’t a brilliant action film. Tell you the truth this movie is f**king insane, but if you’re into films like L.A. Streetfighters and Bloodmoon then this film has your name written all over it.

RUBBER’S LOVER (1996; Shozin Fukui)
First read about this in Creation Cinema’s Eros in Hell. Could only find a non-English subtitled VHS at a Japanese video store. I dubbed myself a copy and watched this film over and over again. Didn’t care that I didn’t know what the hell was going on. I just feel love with the horrific visuals and stark black and white photography. Also theatmosphere of the laboratory and its bizarre equipmentpossess an original lived-in grimy astatic.

THE DENTIST (1996; Brian Yuzna)
For some reason I avoided this flick when it hit the video shelves back in the day. I couldn’t help compare it to Clint Howard in that Ice Cream Man flick. Watched it last year and it totally caught me by surprise. At times it feels like a disturbing 1980’s sitcom that chronicles the hijinks of a dentist (Corbin Burstein) who’s in the midst of a mental breakdown.

SAVAGE (1996; Avi Nesher)
This is pure 1990’s straight to video madness. Oliver Gruner is the star of this bizarre futuristic martial arts film. After his family is murdered, Grunner escapes from a mental asylum and seeks refuge in a cave. There he’s granted super strength and abilities. He emerges hellbentfor revenge to bring down the VR Company that could be responsible.

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