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Sunday, May 8, 2016


From the time I first saw a double feature at Los Angeles' New Beverly Cinema, I was totally hooked on old movie trailers. A nice group of trailers can totally set the mood for the feature you're about to see and absolutely elevate the whole experience. We are all used to seeing trailers now and they've become a part of our lives what with new ones dropping online every week. Seeing them in the theater is not nearly as fun though as they are such a random mix of stuff that's coming out soon. The processing curating a solid group of them is a lot of fun and I've always appreciated it when it's done well. I did a regular Friday Movie Night with my son for a good five or six years and I took a lot of pleasure and care in putting together a handful of trailers to show him before every movie we would watch. A good trailer compilation is a like a good mixtape. When done well, They have a flow that you can totally get on board with. When the first couple 42ND STREET FOREVER discs came out, I was all about them. This kind of program is great to throw in the player and just let run during a party or whatever. It's a nice background in that it can either totally grab your attention or be ignored during conversation. These comps can also help you we the stage for your own movie nights in that you can cherry pick your favorite to play before the movie night begins. They also serve as fertile grounds for potential movie discovery. I've sought out tons of movies after seeing them featured on a trailer comp. What's neat about old movie trailers, especially the Grindhouse stuff, is that they really are pretty nutty in terms the wacky wild stuff they are willing to show in order to try to get you to see the movie. A ridiculous film like THE CHILDREN suddenly looks both terrifying and kinda funny. Trailers today are different and don't have the same character as these older ones do.
If you haven't checked out Garage House Pictures' output so far, you really should. I wrote about their flagship NINJA BUSTERS Blu-ray realease a while back. It's a good disc and that movie is an off the wall good time. These second and third releases show the promise of a company to keep watching. I know I'll be on the lookout for everything they do from here on out.
The first TRAILER TRAUMA Blu-Ray has a cool mix of dark and frightening genre fare as well as goofy action stuff (like MEAN FRANK AND CRAZY TONY) and goofy comedies (WACKO, HYSTERICAL) to keep things fun. 
The second volume does as its name (DRIVE-IN MONSTERAMA) would indicate in that it sticks to horror movies through out. There's still some really entertaining and funny stuff here though. There some interesting groupings too. They'll run several "HOUSE OF" or "ISLAND OF" movies in a row. The first TRAILER TRAUMA has more than sixty trailers on it, while the second one steps that number up to more than ninety. Between the two sets, you've got about 340 mins of trailers at your disposal. That's more than five and a half hours of trailer goodness! TRAILER TRAUMA 2 features an optional audio commentary from Keith Crocker (Director of THE BLOODY APE) and George Reis (of Both of these discs are all region, so import away if you are outside the U.S.

Here is a listing of the trailers contained on each volume:



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