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Friday, May 27, 2016

Shirt-Tacular - Pizza Party Printing

Now I haven't actually done one of my "Shirt-Tacular" columns in a little while and that has mostly to do with the fact that I haven't come across in a cool new T-Shirt companies for a bit. Pizza Party Printing grabbed my attention immediately for a few reasons. First, they had this absolutely rad REPO MAN Shirt and I had to have it:
If you're a REPO MAN fan (and I don't know too many cool people who aren't) you can help but be drawn to this design.

So whenever I find a single shirt I like at a given site, I have to peruse their inventory to see what else they have. Sometimes I'll find a site that sells one good shirt and that's kinda it. Either the rest of their stuff is not what I'm into or whatever the case may be, we just aren't a match. When I started looking through Pizza Party's inventory, I could immediately tell that these were good movie people who "got me". We were just obviously on the same page as far as the types of stuff we're into. I'll give examples below, but they have a range of stuff from 80s movies to horror to general cult flicks and it was quite perfectly up my alley.
The next shirt of theirs that caught my eye was this NIGHT OF THE COMET:
Like many of you, I have been a NIGHT OF THE COMET fan for a long time and I kinda can't resist a shirt like this. I've actually not seen a ton of NIGHT OF THE COMET related memorabilia that I really dug so this was a lovely surprise. With two home runs to their credit, I poured over the rest of the Pizza Party site and found all these goodies:

So last but not least, I should mention that Pizza Party Printing has this awesome thing that they do where you can select their subscription service and get your shirts sent to you in a pizza box like this:
That jut kinda rounds out what was already a really cool shirt company and made them just a little bit cooler. They also sell posters and buttons too!

Do yourself a favor and find Pizza Party Printing on any and all social media platforms that you use:

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