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Sunday, May 29, 2016

Underrated '86 - Alan Dorich

Alan is an avid movie watchin' fella that I recommend you follow on twitter AND letterboxd:

BAD GIRLS' DORMITORY (D: Tim Kincaid) There are two ways to watch BAD GIRLS DORMITORY -- either embrace the absolute trashy idiocy of it or tear it apart for its flaws. I choose the former, as writer/director Tim Kincaid (you know, the guy who brought us BREEDERS!) crams as much seediness as he can into this film's 95 minutes. It's darn entertaining, even when it feels like a parody of a WIP movie than a real one.

COBRA (D: George P. Cosmatos) COBRA gets a pretty bad rep, and I don’t really blame people for feeling that way, since often times, the titular cop (Sylvester Stallone) comes off as the reckless nut that the goody-two-shoes cop (Andrew Robinson) says he is. But this is also a wonderful piece of ‘80s excess that pits Stallone against a villain (Brian Thompson) who feels like he wandered his way out of a slasher movie. The climax is pretty amazing, with Thompson and his axe-clanging followers coming after Stallone and Brigitte Nielsen in a foundry town. I think you can guess who wins, though.

DEADLY FRIEND (D: Wes Craven) It makes me feel bad when I find joy in a film that its director disowns, and for all the hassle he went through, I can’t say I blame the late, great Wes Craven for doing so. But DEADLY FRIEND saw repeat viewings in my youth, enthralling me with the story of brilliant young Paul (Matthew Labyorteaux) bringing back to life girlfriend Sam (Kristy Swanson), with the help of robot parts. Admittedly, the film has its problems, but it’s also wonderfully insane, including the infamous “basketball” kill and its final scene, which I dare not reveal.

HOWARD THE DUCK (D: Willard Huyck) This is probably going to be the most universally hated film on this list — but I love it so. Seeing the surly, animatronic Howard, voiced by Chip Zien, making his way from a world he never made still brings out the kid in me. And I defy you to tell me that the stop-motion Dark Overlord creature at the end doesn’t look damn cool.

HUNTER'S BLOOD (D: Robert C. Hughes) A B-film treasure from Robert C. Hughes, the director of MEMORIAL VALLEY MASSACRE. While the script steals largely from DELIVERANCE and SOUTHERN COMFORT, it’s just as entertaining as Clu Gulagher and Sam Bottoms play a father and son out hunting with buddies and family (including Joey Travolta!) who come upon a psychotic group of poachers, including Billy Drago! Also, the film has Billy Bob Thornton as “Billy Bob.”

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