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Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Underrated '86 - Scott From Married with Clickers

Scott and his wife Kat run the Married With Clickers podcast. It's a great show and you should listen. They basically watch movies together and then talk about them on the show. They have themed months and whatnot and always seem to choose interesting films to watch. Check them out:

Half Moon Street (1986; Bob Swaim)
A solid adaptation of the Paul Theroux novel, Doctor Slaughter. The mixture of sex and politics has become so commonplace on today's small screen (Good Wife, House of Cards etc...) but it was a fairly unique storyline back in 1986. This was one of a number of strong performances by Sigourney Weaver from that era that seem to be forgotten; possibly stuck in the shadow of Ghostbusters and the Alien franchise. It will not change your world and may be a wee bit talky, but it is a sophisticated, mature film that has aged pretty well. This kind of film does not seem to get made in the 21st century.
Extremities (1986; Robert M. Young)
With her performances in The Burning Bed and then Extremities, Farrah Fawcett proved that she was more than a pin-up girl. This stomach churning story was adapted from the stage, where both leads had performed off-Broadway. It is an intense rape-revenge film that manages to avoid being exploitive by insisting that the viewer consider the moral implications of decision made in a time of crisis. It will stay with you.
Tough Guys (1986; Jeff Kanew)
I will admit that this is an incredibly goofy film about two aged parolees who cannot seem to enjoy their retirement. There are some pretty ridiculous attempts at 'fish out of water' humor, including a scene in which Kirk Douglas' character tries to develop a taste for the Red Hot Chili Peppers and slam dancing. For fans of Douglas and co-star Burt Lancaster, it is a great treat to see those two pros having fun on screen. The plot eventually ventures down a very predictable path but it is an enjoyable ride.
The Great Mouse Detective (1986; Various)
I only caught up with this one a few years' ago and was very pleasantly surprised. It is unfortunate that this Disney gem seems to have been forgotten by the masses as there is a lot to love about it. Sherlock Holmes fans will have a hoot with this clever adaptation and it is a real treat to hear Vincent Price's voice once again. I watched it with young children and the 74 minute running time is just about perfect. I was 14 in 1986 and would not have dreamed of seeing this, but my kids gave me a great excuse to finally check it out.
Streets of Gold (1986; Joe Roth)
In the mid-80s Klaus Maria Brandauer was having a moment. He was often the best things about the movies in which he appeared and this one is no different. That's not to diminish the other cast members as everyone, including a super young Wesley Snipes, puts in strong performances. It is a cold war boxing film, but is about as far removed from Rocky IV as you can get. This film also deals with class, religion and racism. It is a very solid film but it seems to have all but disappeared.

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