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Thursday, May 5, 2016

Underrated '86 - WittyJRae

I follow WittyJRae on Instagram and I recommend you do the same:

Here's what she says about herself:
I'm just a 38 year old movie nerd with a nostalgic mind. I love 80s movies especially and collecting VHS. Here are my Underrated '86 picks:
Something Wild (1986; Jonathan Demme)
When you're in the mood for an 80s Road Trip movie with an independent feel. You've got straight laced Charles (Jeff Daniels) and the funky chick Lulu (Melanie Griffith) looking so beautiful and quirky. The soundtrack is insanely unique and cool - David Byrne, New Order, Oingo Boingo and some reggae....throw in Ray Liotta as a jerk ex-boyfriend...that's Something Wild.
The Boy Who Could Fly (1986; Nick Castle)
This movie has been a favorite of mine since I was a little girl - the relationship between Milly and Eric is extremely genuine and heartfelt. I've always loved the scene where Natalie from The Facts of Life gets good girl Milly drunk they watch late-night TV and talk about Eric...Milly has to go to school the next day in her shades all 80s style.... plus you've gotta love teeny Fred Savage - he is insanely adorable power wheeling it up.
Rad (1986; Hal Needham)
I honestly didn't get to see this one in the eighties - I rented it as an adult at this really cool video store. They actually required a deposit on the VHS because they understood it's great value! This movie has a BMX dancing duet set to Real Life's "Send Me an Angel"....with Lori Loughlin's helmet 80s hair in full glory. I swear you need to YouTube it now!! Rad Racing Rocks. It still has no dvd or Blu release!? I just don't get it!!
Lucas (1986; David Seltzer)
Tiny, bug-obsessed Corey Haim and a super tiny Winona Ryder lead this film...Charlie Sheen before he was an obnoxious prick...and the lovely Kerri Green. The slow clap end on this sucker will bring you to tears and if it doesn't you must not love the little guy or have a beating heart.
The Wraith (1986; Mike Marvin)
A mystery drag racing phantom in a black Dodge..... A Wraith.... shows up for revenge on the evil punk drag racers who caused the disappearance of a young local. Another 86'er with Charlie Sheen in his prime. Sherilyn Fenn is a stunning as ever here. This movie has one of the coolest teen burger joints (called Big Kay's) set in the raddest desert surroundings that I'm just dying to go to....please take me back to 1986 now.


Matt B said...

Saw THE WRAITH thanks to this recommendation and Rupert's always-awesome site. My life is 1000x better for it. So cool.

Rupert Pupkin said...

So glad you checked it out! Great little 80s flick! Thanks for the kind words!