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Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Underrated '86 - Cinema Du Meep

My friend Michael runs the wonderful Retro Movie Love Podcast. He is a kindred spirit for me and a dude who knows movies well and loves them dearly like I do. Check him out!

Check out his Underrated '85 list from last year too: 
MODERN GIRLS (1986; Jerry Kramer)
Three women and at least one cast member of Just One of the Guyshave a crazy night on the town in this charmer. This is the epitome of pure, colorful 80’s Movie fun. It’s also a terrific portrait of Los Angeles night life of the time. 

MY CHAUFFEUR (1986; David Beaird)
Valley Girl’s Deborah Foreman inherits a job as a chauffeur and finds herself in a battle of the sexes. This Movie’s heart is pure 30’s screwball comedy dressed up in the clothes of a silly 80’s sex comedy. I love the mix. Ms. Foreman steals the show as she will charm the pants off you like much like she does with Flash Gordon himself, Sam J. Jones. 

SLEEPWALK (1986; Sara Driver)
Filmmaker Sara Driver might be known as Jim Jarmusch’s other half, but, I always found her Film debut to be quietly powerful. I got the opportunity to be friendly with her through my old job years ago and I expressed my gratitude for this Film. 80’s Independent Cinema may be long gone, but, if you can track down Sleepwalk, you won’t forget it. 

MURPHY’S LAW (1986; J. Lee Thompson)
I love Charles Bronson’s 80’s Movies. How can you not? Murphy’s Law is one of my favorites of the era. It combines slasher elements with Bronson’s typical stoic cop antics and then throws in the always wonderful Kathleen Wilhoite as a foil for Bronson, who eventually teams up with her. This is the oddest couple of the 80’s. I love them together. I wish they had a sitcom. 

If you like Pamela (Adlon) Segall you might already be familiar with this Teen Film, and if you aren't, well, you really need to seek it out. I love all the gender swap Movies of the 80’s, and Something Special is exactly just that. It’s a sweet little treat that always makes me smile. The late Patty Duke co-stars as the mom, John Glover is the dad and Seth Green plays the little brother who’s character introduces the magic into the story. 

I miss 80’s Movies where something magical is a plot point. I miss 80’s Movies in general. 1986 was a wonderful year.

12 more! 
AVENGING FORCE - My favorite Michael Dudikoff flick!
THE BOY WHO COULD FLY - This tender teen drama always gives me the feels. 
ECHO PARK - Funny and poignant. 
EVIL LAUGH - Super silly slasher Movie fun!
FIRE WITH FIRE- More teen drama. More Virginia Madsen. I’m in love. 
KILLER PARTY - More super silly slasher fun. Pretty inventive stuff. 
THE LADIES CLUB - Surprisingly effective Thriller/Horror. I still have the Media VHS tape!
LINK - Elisabeth Shue in a killer animal Film. What more do you want?! 
OFF BEAT - Judge Reinhold & Meg Tilly in a engaging New York story. 
POSITIVE I.D. - Independent Thriller/Noir that desperately needs more love. 
WILDCATS - Show your Goldie Hawn love! This Film still makes me laugh. 
YOUNGBLOOD - One of the more underrated sports Movies of the 80’s. 

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