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Saturday, June 4, 2016

Underrated '86 - Brandon Smith

Brandon Smith is a hardcore genre fan and physical media consumer. He can be found on Twitter @bsmith8168.
Class of Nuke Em High:
More or less Class of 1984, with a Tromatic twist.  One of Troma's most popular franchise starters melts together multiple subgenres together from the mid '80's (Screwball teen sex comedy, slasher, Neo Monster Movie, with a dose of Teen Angst).  Over the top performances from all, classic '80s practical gore effects, and the standard amount of T and A you would expect from a film of this genre make this one a great time to be had for all.  Also this has one of the catchiest theme songs of all time!

Dead End Drive-In:  
Brian Trenchard-Smith in his finest form in this trash masterpiece of a post apocalyptic setting where teens are held captive in an old run down drive in theatre where the youths are forced to eat junk food, do drugs, have sex, and are forced to watch exploitation films.  Sign me up, great use of practical effects and a sort of out there idea make this film one that is hard to forget.

Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer:
Henry: POASK is in my humble opinion the scariest film ever made with a breakthrough performance from Michael Rooker as real life serial killer Henry Lee Lucas.  The ever impending doom that is created in about every scene is hard to look away from no matter how much you want to.  The low budget feel of this one also makes everything seem to be real from the performances to the grainy footage of the pair of killers during a home invasion as they film their horrid acts for later enjoyment.  Also a great performance from Tom Towles was turned in on this film as Henry's sadistic cohort.

Neon Maniacs:
Neon Maniacs is one of those rare films that can not be fully explained in words and must be seen to be believed.  When a group of kids unleash a group of "Maniacs" from the Golden Gate Bridge all hell breaks loose.  This group of maniacs goes on to terrorize San Francisco and create all kinds of mayhem.  My favorite thing about this film is the diversity of the maniacs themselves which include an undead samurai and my all time favorite a cycloptic cyborg dinosaur, explain that?  Available from Code Red.

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Dennis said...

Neon Maniacs is a movie that keeps popping up in lists. I got to watch it soon. Thanks for this awesome list.