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Monday, August 22, 2016

Underrated '76 - Sarah Jane

Sarah Jane has seen almost 4,900 films. Her goal for 2016 is to watch 500+ movies. She hails from Southern California. She has spent time in England and Austin, TX. She currently wishes she didn’t reside somewhere in the South West. There isn’t a swear word she doesn’t love. Find her at @fookthis on Twitter and at
See also her Underrated '96 and '86 lists:
Burnt Offerings - Directed by Dan Curtis
What happens when you put both Oliver Reed and Bette Davis in the same picture? A hell of a lot of histrionics, that’s what. Throw in some Karen Black and Burgess Meredith and, voilà, you have the makings of a fun but not so scary house-that-scarfs-down-the-energy-of-people-in-pain kinda movie. Is it silly, sure but, c’mon it’s Reed and Davis, together again for the first time. It is worth the price of admission just for those two.

Grizzly - Directed by William Girdler
It is no secret I’m partial to ‘animals gone crazy’ movies. I love watching nature just destroy man for no other reason than man’s stupidity and Grizzly just happens to be one of my favorites. It stars Andrew Prine (a name to conjure with if ever there was one), Christopher George, and Dick Jaeckel. A pre-historic grizzly bear (ursos horribilis!) is running rampant in a national park and our three heroes must stop him. Did it rip off Jaws? Of course it did but, who cares? It is a 15 feet grizzly bear killing the hell out of people. What more can a girl ask for?

Mako: The Jaws of Death - Directed by William Grefe
Speaking of Dick Jaeckel and Jaws rip offs… I present to you Mako: The Jaws of Death. Jaeckel is a bit of a misfit and loner. One day, he finds out he can communicate with sharks telepathically and he makes it his mission to kill anyone who fucks with his shark friends. If that doesn’t tempt you to watch this then I don’t know what will.

To the Devil, a Daughter - Directed by Peter Sykes
Christopher Lee stars in this one as a Satanist priest (a role that will absolutely not surprise you) who is trying to keep a young nun (Nastassja Kinski!?) in his fold because he wants her to represent Astaroth on Earth. Richard Widmark stars as Kinski’s father who tries to get her away from Lee and his devil ways. It’s your typical late period Hammer but it’s a fun watch. Denholm Elliott and Honor Blackman co-star.

Who Can Kill a Child?- Directed by Narciso Ibáñez Serrador
An unsuspecting (aren’t they all?) English couple decide to take a holiday on an island off the coast of Spain before the woman gives birth. Just after arriving, they notice that the island is mostly filled with children and these children are acting crazy as fuck. Eventually, they realize these children are going around killing adults and they start fearing for their lives. Will THEY have to kill a child (or ten)? Watch this movie and find out.

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