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Monday, September 12, 2016

Underrated '66 - Sarah Jane

Sarah Jane has seen almost 4,900 films. Her goal for 2016 is to watch 500+ movies. She hails from Southern California. She has spent time in England and Austin, TX. She currently wishes she didn’t reside somewhere in the South West. There isn’t a swear word she doesn’t love. Find her at @fookthis on Twitter and at also her Underrated '96, '86 and '76 lists:
The Witches - Directed by Cyril Frankel
This is a Hammer that no one EVER talks about. It’s a forgotten gem that features Joan Fontaine’s final film performance. Really, it’s got everything; rural English countryside, secretive community, sacrifice, witchcraft… AND Fontaine! If you watch one movie from this list, please watch this one. It would make a perfect addition to any horror viewing you’ve got coming up this season.

Navajo Joe - Directed by Sergio Corbucci
The first of two Corbucci’s on my list because, why not? It’s Corbucci and you should watch everything directed by him. Although this is probably thought of as one of his “lessor” films, I think it’s worth a watch. Burt Reynolds in one of his first lead roles plays the title character. Joe is out for revenge on a gang that has killed his people. He wants the townspeople to pay him for every one of the outlaws he kills. They, of course, say no.Joe gets captured by the gang and things get nasty from there. Score by Ennio Morricone (credited as Leo Nichols).

The Hellbenders - Directed by Sergio Corbucci
Corbucci was cranking these movies out in the 60s. This is another of his underrates/overlooked films. The Hellbenders is about a crazy-ass Confederate soldier, played by Joseph Cotton (no less!) who wants to steal some gold so he and his sons can bankroll another bid to try and defeat the Union. I’ve seen this listed as 1966 and 1967. I’m going to go ahead and put it here because, well, you should watch it. It’s Joseph Cotton for fuck’s sake.

Georgy Girl - Directed by Silvio Narizzano
Is this underrated? I’ve been going back and forth with myself a while now. I’ve decided to include it because, like the other films on this list, I hardly ever see it discussed. Georgy Girl stars Lynn Redgrave as a young London woman who is likeable enough but she sees herself as plain and overweight. Georgina’s parents live in the home of James Mason who has become attracted to her over the years and so he offers her an indecent proposal. In the meantime, Georgina’s roommate, played by Charlotte Rampling, is involved with a boyfriend (Alan Bates). When the boyfriend moves in, things get tricky for our Georgina. Will she take James Mason up on his offer? Does she get involved with Alan Bates? You’ll have to watch to find out.

Eye of the Devil - Directed by J. Lee Thompson
What happens when you put Deborah Kerr, David Hemmings, Sharon Tate, Donald Pleasance, AND David Niven all in the same movie? Something pretty great, that’s what. Niven and Kerr own a vineyard and this year’s batch ain’t lookin’ so hot. He goes down to figure out what is wrong and the family follows. Meanwhile, Tate and Hemmings show up and it becomes pretty clear they want something from Niven he might not be ready to give up. Another movie worth adding to any horror list this season.

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Ian Fryer said...

Of the two Corbucci's I'm fonder of The Hellbenders than Navaho Joe, but it's interesting that they both in different ways concern racism in ways that mainstream Hollywood westerns still dared not.

Even as late as 69 we were meant to like Rock Hudson's former plantation owner in The Undefeated, beloved by his slaves. Corbucci isn't having any of this nonsense. I'd really like to write about this at greater length as I don't think it's an area of Italian westerns that is discussed enough.