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Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Vinegar Syndrome - EVILS OF THE NIGHT and DISCO GODFATHER on Blu-ray

EVILS OF THE NIGHT (1985; Mardi Rustam)
Some movies aren't just satisfied with the every day run of the mill sexy stuff. Let's say you're watching some FRIDAY THE 13TH movie or something of that slasher ilk. You kind of know about what to expect when it comes to the sex scenes. Girl gets topless, some kissing and maybe some quick gyrating and they're out. That or one or both of the people is killed. EVILS OF THE NIGHT has that, but they let the sex scenes play a bit longer and it all starts to feel a little sleazy. Then the "plot" kicks in and things get kinda nutty. I was trying to think of how I would describe the movie to someone and what I came up with won't do it justice. Basically, it's kind of one part horror slasher and another part sci-fi, but like PLAN 9 FROM OUTER SPACE sci-fi. It features an alien race that dresses like the aliens in PLAN 9, but with slightly better costumes. Even John Carradine (one of the stars) has a shiny, frilly leotard spacesuit thing. The thing that makes the movie compelling is a combination of batshit crazy story, casting and sex and violence. Let's start with the story. Its about an alien race that is kidnapping humans to drain their blood so they can use it to prolong their own lifespans. Along with Carradine, Tina Louise ("Ginger" from GILLIGAN'S ISLAND) and Julie Newmar ("Catwoman" from the 60s BATMAN TV Show) play a trio of these malevolent vampire extraterrestrials. They also have some henchman girls who look like stewardesses on an intergalactic flight of some kind (maybe from THE JETSONS). They are deadly stewardesses though as they wield these rings that shoot green lasers that will take you down. Okay, so I mentioned the horror and sci-fi components of the movie, but on top of that is this T&A comedy - complete with cheesy 80s tunes in parts. The whole thing is pretty entertaining though I must say, as ridiculous as it is. I'm sure it sounds kind of odd to say, but the movie almost has too much sex in it. I guess it makes sense being that they got renowned porn actress Amber Lynn to star. They also got classic character actors Neville Brand and Aldo Ray! It's an strange and interesting mix for sure. Vinegar Syndrome has done a nice job on the transfer for this Blu-ray. It surely looks better than it has ever looked before.
Disc Features:
• Region free Blu-ray and DVD combo pack
• “Alien Blood Transfusion” – video interview with director Mardi Rustam
• Alternate feature length TV edit
• Isolated score by Robert O. Ragland
• Extensive outtakes (25 minutes)
• Work-in-progress theatrical
• TV spot
• Reversible cover artwork

EVILS OF THE NIGHT can be found on Blu-ray here:

DISCO GODFATHER (1979; J. Robert Wagoner)
"Put Your Weight On It!"
Vinegar Syndrome has become a one-stop-shop for Rudy Ray Moore movies on Blu-ray and 2016 is an epic year of releases. So far they've put out his cult classic DOLEMITE, its sequel THE HUMAN TORNADO, PETEY WHEATSTRAW and now DISCO GODFATHER. Talk about your prolific cycles. Though I am by no means Rudy Ray's number one fan, I do genuinely appreciate him as a performer and I do hope that all these Blu-rays have brought him more into the film conversation for genre cinephiles. Some could glance at a few of Rudy's films and see them as not the highest quality, but they'd be missing out on the unique cinematic experience that Rudy Ray offers. As I said, he is a performer first and foremost and said performance talent is not only done through acting, but also spoken word and martial arts. There are few guys in movies that ever did what Rudy Ray does in his movies. In DISCO GODFATHER, Rudy is playing a somewhat similar character to his usual Dolemite, but in this case he's a retired cop turned hugely adored disco DJ in nightclubs.  
Disco seems pretty campy and silly now, but back then it was a big big deal obviously. The sheer DISCO GODFATHER was Rudy's Producer's attempt to shoot for a bit of a more broad, commercial audience (Rudy was less a fan of making this movie). Even the film's title was meant to glom onto the success of THE GODFATHER films and their knockoffs. DISCO GODFATHER is also different from Rudy's other films in that it is less of a comedy and more dramatic. Like the fad of disco, the recreational use of the drug PCP was very prevalent during this time period as well. DISCO GODFATHER is really Rudy Ray Moore making something of a message movie. While some of the dramatic beats still play as kinda funny (intentionally or not), it's really more of an anti-drug movie. Rudy Ray fans will certainly still enjoy this film though, as it features much of his trademark outlandish behavior and energy. It's a trippy bit of business though and the your mileage may vary with regards to the more hysterical moments in DISCO GODFATHER. 

• Region free Blu-ray and DVD combo pack
• Scanned & restored in 2k from 35mm original camera negative
• “I, Dolemite IV” making-of documentary - this is the fourth installment of this series (each of the other parts is included on the other Vinegar Syndrome Rudy Ray More discs) directed by filmmaker Elijah Drenner (AMERICAN GRINDHOUSE, THAT GUY DICK MILLER).
• Commentary track w/ Rudy Ray Moore’s biographer, Mark Jason Murray, Rudy Ray Moore, writer/director J. Robert Wagoner, co-writer Cliff Roquemore and rare on-set audio. The archival audio and interviews that are included in this track are pretty neat and I like it overall.
• Soundtrack
• Promotional still gallery
• Alt. German and French language tracks
• Original theatrical trailers for DISCO GODFATHER, DOLEMITE & THE HUMAN TORNADO
• Original cover artwork by Jay Shaw
• Reversible cover artwork

DISCO GODFATHER can be found on Blu-ray here:

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