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Friday, November 11, 2016

Underrated '56 - Ariel Schudson

Ariel Schudson has been a passionate woman in film for over 15 years. She holds two Master of the Arts degrees from UCLA- one in Cinema and Media Studies and one in Moving Image Archive Studies. Her current projects include being a proud contributing regular writer for the New Beverly Cinema Blog, the preservation of 16mm TV commercials and PSAs in order to establish the Commercial Value Archive, and working with Vidiots and Post Haste Digital as their archival specialist to preserve the rare and unique VHS library that Vidiots has collected over the years. She likes coffee, long walks on the beach, LPP and Kodachrome stock and readable edge codes. Has two adorable cats named Wallach and Eartha Kitten.
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Baby Doll – Elia Kazan
HOT. You can’t beat the scenes between Eli Wallach & the incredible Carroll Baker. This film is on my top everything list.

The Court Jester – Melvin Frank, Norman Panama
1956 is apparently a great year for “Ariel Favorites.” I couldn’t live my life without this film. Danny Kaye is pure perfection and add Angela Lansbury & Basil Rathbone? This film goes to 11.

Girl Can’t Help It – Frank Tashlin
Another desert island film. If you don’t love this film, I’m not sure if we’ll get along. This is an essential in my film collection. It is pure joy- visually, aurally, narratively. Tashlin is genius & thank the film gods for Jayne’s brilliance!

The Man in the Grey Flannel Suit – Nunnally Johnson
Very important film, especially in the discussion about men returning from war and dealing with re-entry into the job market/family life. Subtle but very eerie at times & a very fascinating look at masculinity done at the time.

Solid Gold Cadillac – Richard Quine
Judy Holliday is a goddess. Every film should be worshipped with the laughter it releases. SGC is one of those. The wonderful George Burns narrates & my beloved Paul Douglas rocks the screen along with Judy.

Street of Shame aka Akasen chitai - Kenji Mizoguchi
Mizoguchi’s final film. This director has always been inspirational to me since I got into cinema due to his meticulous attention towards women and their dynamic stories. Street of Shame is one of those films. See it if you can.

Wicked As They Come aka Portrait in Smoke – Ken Hughes
Brilliant little British crime picture with the inimitable Arlene Dahl and a hellova story. British noir is so under-loved and this is a great one with a woman at the center!

The Killer is Loose - Budd Boetticher
This is another film that really needs to be seen more often and by more people. It’s just one of my absolute favorites and Wendell Corey is one of the best killers ever put on screen. I have watched this so many times & I would watch it so many more.

While the City Sleeps – Fritz Lang
The opening ten minutes will get you hooked. Vincent Price will keep you there. Rhonda Fleming & Ida Lupino will tie you down and the rest…well, it’s just brilliant Fritz Lang wonderfulness.

The Intimate Stranger aka Finger of Guilt – Joseph Losey under the pseudonym Joseph Walton
It has certain hints of Robert Altman’s The Player. An incredible noir work that is highly unknown. Centered in the film industry & utilizing all kinds of industry equipment as the landscape, this film seriously rocks! But I would expect nothing less from Joseph Losey, under any name.


Jerry Entract said...

A terrific and varied selection of choices, Ariel!
Although I know many of the films I have never seen or heard of either "FINGER OF GUILT" or "WICKED AS THEY COME". I must try to seek them out. Big fan of British noir, and Ken Hughes was prolific.
I can re-watch "WHILE THE CITY SLEEPS" & "THE KILLER IS LOOSE" any number of times!
And "THE COURT JESTER" was one of the first movies I was taken to see on the big screen as a child.
As I said, great choices.

Unknown said...

Awesome list! Several I love and a few I hadn't heard of, which are now going on my to-see list for sure.

Anonymous said...

Yes, a nice mix of material here. Finger of Guilt is super little movie that needs to be seen by more people, Mary Murphy is very good in it.
Like Jerry, I've never seen, or even heard of, Wicked As They Come but I'll be looking out for it now.

Silver Screenings said...

First of all, I LOVE the tagline "Sensational Lipstick Murder" (While The City Sleeps). But is this based on an actual murder/murderer? At any rate, I'll take your advice and track this one down.

Also, I've never even heard of Solid Gold Cadillac! Already I can tell it may become one of my faves.

Thanks for all these fab recommendations!