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Sunday, November 13, 2016

Warner Archive - WHEELER AND WOOLSEY RKO COMEDY Collection Vol. 2 on DVD

Wheeler & Woolsey are still a sadly underappreciated comedy duo to be sure. They are contemporaries of the Marx Brothers, Abbott & Costello, and Laurel & Hardy and yet they are still largely forgotten by many. This may have a good deal to do with the fact that their films were not really run on television all that much at a time when the films of these other comic teams' films were. Their work was in fact kind of difficult to see until recently years outside of a few VHS released and the occasional TCM airing. Thankfully Warner Archive has resurrected them in full force with their previous dvd releases(DIPLOMANIACS, KENTUCKY KERNELS, ON AGAIN OFF AGAIN and a few others and their previous 9-film collection) and this great new Volume 2, which is a 6-film set. I was unfamiliar with most of these films so it was quite nice to dig in and marathon them over a week or so. One great thing about them is that their average running time is about 65-70 mins. They just fly by. One can become quite addicted to these fellas(especially Woolsey, with his cigar-chomping "Whoaaaoo!" shouting ways). This collection includes some super rarities that never saw the light of DVD or VHS.
Here are the films included:

COCKEYED CAVALIERS (1934; Mark Sandrich)
I know this movie was particularly rare and much beloved by fans so will be one of the main reasons to snag this set. It finds the duo set loose in 16th Century England to carry out their customary wackiness. The film has been mentioned a few times over the years by a couple guest contributors to Rupert Pupkin Speaks. RPS regular Hal Horn said, " This is probably the team’s finest film. Director Mark Sandrich later made his name directing Fred Astaire musicals and memorable songs provided the biggest highlights for both of his Wheeler & Woolsey efforts." William T. Garver (of Booze Movies) also hails it as their best and further added that, "With better-than-average jokes, catchy song and dance numbers, and higher production values than generally seen in a W&W vehicle, Cockeyed Cavaliers is an all-around charmer". While I still prefer KENTUCKY KERNELS, this is one of their best and it is fantastic to finally have it on home video.
Check out Hal's full post for his site here:

SILLY BILLIES (1936; Fred Guiol)
This is another one I've heard mentioned a few times and has had some clamoring for it to get a proper release. It's a bit on the not so politically correct side, but will certainly being interest to fans. It's always nice to see a film that was never on home video finally come out.

Other films included in this set: 
THE CUCKOOS (1930; Paul Sloane)

TOO MANY COOKS (1931; William A. Seiter)

EVERYTHING'S ROSIE (1931; Clyde Bruckman)

DIXIANA (1930; Luther Reed)
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