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Saturday, January 21, 2017

Garage House Pictures - Trailer Trauma 3: 80s Horrorthon on Blu-ray

Basically, they don't make trailers like they used to. Sure, we occasionally get a nice teaser that doesn't tell the entire story of a movie, but for the most part, they tend to give away too much. What's neat about older movie trailers, is that they really are pretty nutty in terms the wacky wild stuff they are willing to show in order to try to get you to see the movie. rom the time I first saw a double feature at Los Angeles' New Beverly Cinema, I was totally hooked on old movie trailers. A nice group of trailers can totally set the mood for the feature you're about to see and absolutely elevate the whole experience. We are all used to seeing trailers now and they've become a part of our lives what with new ones dropping online every week. Seeing them in the theater is not nearly as fun though as they are such a random mix of stuff that's coming out soon. The processing curating a solid group of them is a lot of fun and I've always appreciated it when it's done well. I did a regular Friday Movie Night with my son for a good five or six years and I took a lot of pleasure and care in putting together a handful of trailers to show him before every movie we would watch. A good trailer compilation is a like a good mixtape. When done well, They have a flow that you can totally get on board with. When the first couple 42ND STREET FOREVER discs came out, I was all about them. This kind of program is great to throw in the player and just let run during a party or whatever. It's a nice background in that it can either totally grab your attention or be ignored during conversation. These comps can also help you set the stage nicely for your own movie nights in that you can cherry pick your favorites to play before the movie night begins to set the tone. They also serve as opportunity for potential movie discovery. I've sought out tons of movies after seeing them featured on a trailer compilation.  This new Trailer Trauma collection is a must-own for fans of 1980s horror. The set is delightfully broken down by year (and alphabetically) - so you can watch a bunch of horror trailers from 1980 through 1989. This is really neat for a number of reasons, one of which is that each group of trailers give a nice context for horror films from a given year. You can kind of see trends and cycles as they grow and eventually die off throughout the course of the decade. Also the set contains lots of obscurer titles as well as the mainstream stuff. Did you realize that ALIENS and APRIL FOOLS DAY both came out the same year as KING KONG LIVES and RAWHEAD REX? I did not. Basically, if you came of age with horror in the 80s, this collection is pure nostalgia fuel. This is my favorite of the Trailer Trauma sets so far and one that is totally worth picking up as soon as possible to show at your next horror movie night. See the full trailer lineup below:
Picking up this set is highly recommended and you can do so here:

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George White said...

my uncle gave me an anecdote about Rawhead Rex. It was filmed near us, and the "screaming woman", Lana McDonald was literally a local bread van driver's daughter picked to appear. In my uncle Gilby's words, she was "nice looking but had an awful speaking voice".