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Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Film Discoveries of 2016 - Paul Malleck

Paul Malleck is the man known as Dormarth and he is a genre fan like no other. He has a lovely collection of VHS that is quite impressive. He runs a zine called 'Dormarth's Horror Review' and I recommend you subscribe. Like it on Facebook here:
Paul is a die hard physical media collector (lots and lots of VHS) and currently has 3155 physical copies in his collection.

Have a peek at Paul's Discoveries list from the last 5 years:
The Night of the Generals, 1967, D. Anatole Litvak.
Crime mystery involving a dead hooker who was killed by a Nazi general while partying in Krakow Poland. Deep in the recesses of World War 2, somehow a Major in German intelligence is sooooo appalled by the senseless killing of a hooker that he does a full investigation to bring the killer to justice. Genocide is cool in his book but don't take the life of a prostitute!!! Well acted and executed by Peter O'Toole, Omar Sharif and Donald Pleasence.
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The Swords of Wayland, 1983, D. Robert Young.
Awesome TV movie from the series Robin Hood. The basic premise of the Robin Hood saga is taken but now with the addition of more knights, witchcraft, sorcery, satanic cults and summoning of the devil!! I forgot to mention the swords are more brutal like they should be!!!! Good times.
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Snowballing, 1984, D. Charles E. Sellier Jr.
A down to earth teenage sex comedy the likes of Porkies but with highschoolers at a Ski Resort. Pre-dating Ski-Patrol, Ski-School, but tying Hot Dog the movie for production year. Not as sexually crass and horn-doggin' as most teen sex romps having no actually breasts shown ever. Never let's up in it's search for sex and romance none the less. You'd think a movie titled after a sexual act involving semen and kissing wouldn't be so toned down, yet so entertaining.
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The Mask of Fu Manchu, 1932, D. Charles Brabin.
Not the first Fu on film but the most notorious, played by legend Boris Karloff!!! The mastermind criminal is hell-bent on world domination and will stop at nothing in scenes of torture, grandiose sets and campy horror!!! Yeah white dudes playing other races is messed up especially when peoples culture is set to be evil and vilifying but damn once you get past that shit, this is such a shit-storm of terror and adventure!!! Karloff's bastard child of a cult film!!!
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Philadelphia Experiment 2, 1993, D. Stephen Cornwell.
At first glance an unwanted sequel ties together some odd duck explanations and genetics into the reason the main survivor didn't become a part of the original ship. Another experiment blasts us into the future where Nazi Germany has won the war and our hero is vortexed into the future and past to fight Nazi's and help a schism group of rebel anti-fascists. Add to the mix a crying ass blonde son and a intellectual romance with the leader of the revolution and you have a movie that blind-sided me as being a mind-fuck of an adventure but dumbed down for the video rental era.
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Beverly Hills Vamp, 1989, D. Fred Olan Ray.
Eddie Deezen, Fred Olan Ray, Robert Quarry and my favorite Scream Queen Michelle Bauer!!!!!!! Nerds, boobs, fangs, awkward boners, great humor and a real sense that your average dude and dudesses can make it in Hollywood. What else would you ever need in a movie besides a plot???
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Night of the Comet, 1984, D. Thom Eberhardt.
Somehow I have never seen this 'till recently!! Comet destroys much of the planet just like the one that took out the dino's. Zombies, bums, and dregs of society seem to be all that is left to deal with when two valley girls are left alive and at their own devices. The feel of the movie is very doom and gloom yet so full of life and kinetics it's insane. I also have a huge boner for movies taking place in theaters. Perfect blend of comedy, mystery, sci-fi and horror. 
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The Man of 1000 Faces, 1957, D. Joseph Pevney.
Autobiography and drama of the Legend Lon Chaney!! Following his tumultuous life through shit wife and baby momma, his loss and gain of custody of his son, re-marriage and flight from the stage to the silver screen. James Cagney brought my ass to tears, and the direction is masterfully crafted. What a legend and to see the window into his life was breathtaking!!!!!!
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