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Saturday, April 29, 2017

Just The Discs - Bonus Episode - BEYOND THE GATES on Blu-ray from Scream Factory

On this special Bonus episode of the show, we highlight the new horror film BEYOND THE GATES and the new Blu-ray from Scream Factory. Along with Brian's take on the movie, this episode also features several interview clips with the film's director (Jackson Stewart) discussing the origins of the film and the cinema that influenced it creatively.

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I'm a big fan of this movie and This is a nice special edition that includes:
Three commentary tracks!
-1 with Jackson Stewart, Barbara Crampton, Jesse Merlin, Brian Sowell (DP) and Stephen Scarlata.
-1 with Jackson Stewart, Chase Williamson, Brea Grant and Graham Skipper
-A commentary by the gents from the JunkFood Dinner Podcast - Kevin Moss, Parker Bowman & Sean Bryon
-A Behind the Scenes Featurette
-Deleted Scenes
-Premiere Q&A - moderated by Stuart Gordon
-Jackson Stewart's Short film SEX BOSS
-Retro BEYOND THE GATES commercial

I excerpted a few different Jackson Stewart interviews for this episode and I recommend checking out both of them in their entireties.
Here is the episode of the horror podcast Shockwaves that I used:

And here are links to both parts of the Squadcast interviews I clipped from:

Here's the trailer for the movie:

Listen to the score to the film (by Wojciech Golczewski) here:

You can buy BEYOND THE GATES on Blu-ray here:
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