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Monday, April 17, 2017

Just The Discs - Bonus Episode - RUMBLE FISH Criterion Collection on Blu-ray

RUMBLE FISH (1983; Francis Ford Coppola)
This week, I've put together an extra special bonus episode of the show to celebrate Criterion's release of Coppola's RUMBLE FISH on Blu-ray. I'm a big fan of Coppola's - in particular THE CONVERSATION (which is one of my favorite films) - and RUMBLE FISH is a movie that is near and dear my heart for the way it looks and how surreal it feels overall. What I've done for this bonus episode is cut together a bunch of clips from Coppola and the cast and crew to give a nice introduction to the movie and help convey a sense of what it is and what Coppola was going for with it. I may do more episodes like this from time to time, especially for nice special edition Blu-rays like the ones that Criterion consistently puts out. Hopefully you enjoy this one! I'll be back to going through piles of discs for the next episode!

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I mentioned this in the body of the show, but here's a listing of the delightful supplements included on this Blu-ray:

-New, restored 4K digital transfer, supervised by director of photography Stephen H. Burum and approved by director Francis Ford Coppola, with 2.0 surround DTS-HD Master Audio soundtrack on the Blu-ray
-Alternate remastered 5.1 surround soundtrack, presented in DTS-HD Master Audio
-Audio commentary featuring director Francis Ford Coppola
-New interviews with Coppola, author and coscreenwriter S. E. Hinton, associate producer Roman Coppola, and actors Matt Dillon and Diane Lane
-New conversation between Burum and production designer Dean Tavoularis
-Pieces from 2005 about the film’s score and production
-Interviews from 1983 with Dillon, Lane, actor Vincent Spano, and producer Doug Claybourne
-French television interview from 1984 with actor Mickey Rourke
-Locations: Looking for Rusty James, a 2013 documentary by Alberto Fuguet about the impact of -Rumble Fish
-New piece about the film’s existentialist elements
-“Don’t Box Me In” music video
-Deleted scenes, with a new introduction by Coppola
-PLUS: An essay by critic Glenn Kenny
At the end of the episode, I included a clip from Richard Linklater's excellent introduction to this Austin Film Society screening of RUMBLE FISH from 2014 - I encourage you to listen to the whole thing, including the discussion that Linklater and Lars Nilsen have after the showing:
In addition to that, I highly recommend having a quick look at director Adam Rifkin's Trailers From Hell commentary:

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