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Thursday, August 17, 2017

Underrated '77 - The Cinemonster

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Prime Time
The TV airwaves have been taken over, and offensive and ridiculous programming and commercials are filling the airwaves.

A film in the vein of Kentucky Fried movie that has more hits than misses and a great cast headlined by Warren Oates, Kinky Friedman, Joanna Cassidy and Harris Yulin. There is something to offend everyone…and Ol’ Ben Lucas.

Raggedy Ann and Andy: A Musical Adventure
Legendary animator Richard Williams creates one of the most chaotic and bizarre animated films every built around a well-known children’s property. Kidnapping, hallucinations, pirates, exploding characters, tickle torture, mustache erections and some of the strangest characters you’ve ever seen surround Raggedy Anne & Andy as they quest to bring back a toy taken from their owners room. There are too many songs, but the animation and the flat out weirdness make this a must see.
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Petey Wheatstraw
From the moment Petey Wheatstraw comes forth from the womb to beat the delivering doctor, through his revenge procession against the murderers of his friends utilizing a Pimp Cane from the devil, Rudy Ray Moore is everything you would want and more: Kung Fu, rhyming and wardrobe only he can pull off. A classic.
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There is no concise way to sum up this film and to describe it to someone who hasn’t seen it is to do them a disservice.. so I will say this:

This wonderful comedy was one of the first films that dealt with gay themes and characters to be released in the US, and the lead performance by Craig Russell is outstanding. Just watch it.
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In Hot Pursuit (aka Polk County Pot Plane)
Hillbillies, weed, car chases, a helicopter, an airplane and ‘No stuntmen used in this film’ make for a hick-genre film worth watching. It ain’t high art, but this sumbitch is a lot of fun.
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