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Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Underrated '77 - The Mike

The Mike is a long time Twitter addict with a history of blogging about horror and genre films who collects a lot of DVDs and Blu-Rays. Currently he's focusing on a new project, The Mike's Double Feature Picture show (, where he offers up rambling double feature suggestions using films he loves. He forgets to eat dinner sometimes, but that's just because he's so into movies. You can follow his adventures on Twitter at @TheMike31.

Capricorn One
I don't know if underrated is the word for a movie stacked with major Hollywood talent of the '70s, but I think Peter Hyams' film is one of the most entertaining pieces of Hollywood escapism ever made. This tale of a fake moon landing comes with lots of action, beautiful settings, and a great Hal Holbrook performance. Just when you think it can't be more fun, Telly Savalas shows up in one of my favorite extended cameos ever and makes it even better.
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The Mighty Peking Man
It's not the Citizen Kane of King Kong ripoffs. It's more like the Flash Gordon of King Kong ripoffs. I suppose some would say it's "so bad that it's good." I just think it's a blast. Evelyne Kraft is iconic as the jungle woman who becomes Peking Man's obsession, and the whole thing is fast and funny and keeps me smiling throughout. So what if it's a guy in a ridiculous suit, it's fun!
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Hal Holbrook is back, alongside Lawrence Dane (who also produced the film), in a terrific Canadian backwoods horror film. Five doctors on a camping and fishing trip find themselves being stalked by killers, and their professional ethics become a point of conflict among them. This leads to some very intriguing debates as they fight to survive, making this a film that horror writers should see if they're looking to punch up the tension between characters who are being stalked in their stories. And don't worry about all the talking, there's enough gore too.
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The Van
Crown International Pictures was the place to be for teen drive-in fair in the '70s and '80s, and this is one of their best. A slapstick sex comedy about a young man who buys a pimped out van so he can finally be somebody, The Van feels like it would have been right at home in the '80s alongside John Hughes films and wacky destination comedies. It's got plenty of gags, beautiful girls, a soundtrack that fits the movie perfectly, and a pretty fantastic van race. Highly recommended.
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Moonlight Sword & Jade Lion
I just caught up with this one recently, and it's a perfect example of that "cheesy old kung fu movie" vibe you always want in your life. It's got a strong female lead - Angela Mao, aka Mao Yin, aka "Lady Kung Fu" - and non-stop action, plus one of those scenes where a bunch of ninjas crawl along rooftops at night and jump off for an ambush. You just can't go wrong with a movie like that.
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