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Sunday, December 24, 2017

Underrated '97 - The Cinemonster

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This film from Dutch director Mike van Diem is simply one of the best of the ‘90s. The film, set in The Netherlands in the ‘20s, follows the life of Jacob Willem Katadreuffe prior to his arrest for the murder of Dreverhaven, a bailiff who had antagonized him as he clawed his way up from destitution as a young lawyer. We learn that Dreverhaven is Jacob’s pops, and we endure the contentious and miserable relationship between the two that led us here. Jacob’s mother is on the hook here too, as the illegitimacy of the pregnancy (and implied sexual assault) impacts her interactions with her son. Lead performances are outstanding and design and photography are sumptuous
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Men With Guns
Breathtaking film from John Sayles, follows a retired and widowed doctor who sets out to find a group of his former students that have gone missing in an unnamed Latin American country. Great soundtrack, a fine cast and beautiful work from former Kieslowski DP Slawomir Idziak makes for an engrossing and harrowing film that illustrates the impact a few shit-bags with guns can have.
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Henry Fool
The first film in what became a trilogy (Fay Grim, Ned Rifle) from director Hal Hartley is an ensemble tour-de-force centering on the crafty, slick and talentless Henry Fool and his relationship with introverted garbage man and aspiring poet Simon Grim and the Grim clan.   The eccentricities you expect from Hartley are here, with lovely craft and nuance. Nice cinematography from now TV director Michael Spiller. (he’ll show up here again) Watch and enjoy.
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Niagara, Niagara
A bit of a road film, with Tourette Syndrome, featuring Henry Thomas and Robin Tunney. Both are quite a mess, they meet shoplifting no less, and set out for Canada on a toy quest. Tunney, afflicted with Tourette, is outstanding and gives one of the best lead performances of the latter half of the 90s. Thomas as her partner and abuse survivor holds his own. Depressingly cold cinematography from Michael Spiller is beautiful. (Told you he’d be back)
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Eve's Bayou
Former actress Kasi Lemmons tremendous debut film, Eves Bayou follows Eve Bastiste and her family in a well-to-do Creole town in Louisiana. Eve struggles with revelations about her father and turns to voodoo for resolution. Did she do the right thing and is what she was led to believe true? Great cast led by Sam Jackson, Lynn Whitfield, Vondie Curtis-Hall and Diahann Caroll delivers. Noteworthy at the time for having a female director, DP and Editor.
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