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Saturday, February 24, 2018

Film Discoveries of 2017 - The Cinemonster

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Junior Bonner (1972)
The Peckinpah fan that I am, I had never seen this. Relatively quiet for Bloody Sam but still up to its armpits in masculinity. Great performances. Beautiful and subtle.
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I Drink Your Blood (1970)
Meat Pies, Rabies and Revenge….oh my.
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Possession (1981)
It’s a crime that Isabel Adjani didn’t win every award under the sun for this. Well shot, well plotted, extremely well acted. First time in a while a movie blew me away.
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Joe (1970)
Well acted powerful film shows the toxic cycle that is ignorance, bigotry and insecurity. Peter Boyle is fantastic. Early Susan Sarandon. One of the best of the ‘70s. Sadly, this could just as easily be now.
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Tokyo Tribe (2014)
Singular. Sono.
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Vigilante (1982)
Solid little Bill Lustig thriller has great locations, some fun action and a great cast (Rob Forrester, Willie Colon, Woody Strode, Fred Williamson). Unfairly gets criticized for being a Death Wish knockoff. Stands wel on its own as a good mid level genre pic.
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Feast (2005)
If I’m going to be trapped in a podunk town saloon, under siege by horny man-eating beasts, put Clu Gulager in there with me. Henry Rollins cast against type doesn’t hurt either. If you like fun hyper-stylized blood baths (I do), this is for you.
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