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Friday, February 16, 2018

Film Discoveries of 2017 - Elric Kane

Elric Kane is 1/4 of the excellent horror podcast Shockwaves and is also co-host with me of our show Pure Cinema:

Here's his Discoveries list from last year:

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I’ve talked about each of these at some point on some podcast so the idea of writing more at this point seems redundant so I will just cut to the chase why each is worth tracking down as these all helped me survive 2017. I always like to thank the person or place that shared the films with me, without new discoveries their is only tears in the rain.

Some of the films are mentioned on this Episode of Pure Cinema:

10. Scream For Help Dir Michael Winner (1984)
Popping your Cherry with Michael Winner.

Thanks Phil Blankenship for programming this as part of a Triple feature (w/ STEP FATHER and LISA) at the New Beverly Cinema. My favorite night at the movies in ’17.
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9. Mad House dir Ovidio G. Assonitis (1981)
Mad dog eats deaf boy. (It’s funnier then it sounds).

Thanks to Dick Grunert for buying this Arrow disc so I didn’t have to.
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8. Julie Darling dir Paul Nicolas (1983)
Sybil Danning vs Sociopathic brat with snake.

Thanks Patrick Bromley for being my Sybil.
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7. Dark of the Sun dir Jack Cardiff (1968)
Rod Taylor vs Nazi with Chainsaw.

Thanks Brian Saur for literally MAKING me watch this.
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6. The Devil's Honey dir Lucio Fulci (1986)
Saxy time with Fulci. Best opening scene of all time ?

Thanks Jackson Stewart for championing this and the mad men of Severin Films for sharing with the world. Fulci Lives!
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5. Night of a Thousand Cats dir Rene Cordona Jr (1972)
Dude cruises girls in his helicopter and feeds them to his army of starving cats on his island.

Thanks Webb Wilcoxen for this gift that will keep giving and join me in pressuring Code Red Bill to release this gem on “BRULEE”.
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4. Szamanka Dir Andrzej Zulawski 1996
Shaman sex and dog food.

Thanks Mike Mendez for reminding me to watch this and revel in the glory of unfiltered Zulawski.
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3. The Leopard Man dir Jacques Tourneur (1943)
Should’ve called this ‘Cat People 2’. One of the best classic horror sequences of all time as the girl goes out for tortillas but instead becomes one.

Amazing podcast about it here:

Thanks TCM for all the Lewtons this year.
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2. Hard Times dir Walter Hill (1975)
Career best Bronson yet still showed up by that wily Coburn. Hill’s first is one of his finest.

Thanks Aero Theater and Screenwriter Josh Olson for excellent Q & A with Hill.
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1. Chilly Scenes of Winter dir Joan Michelin Silver (1979)
Boy meets girl, Boy loses girl. Boy obsesses and stalks girl in semi-charming / disturbing way that’s completely relatable and not at all appropriate to our current media climate but to bad it’s a movie and it’s brilliant.

Thanks to my Pure Cinema Co-Host Brian Saur & Supporting Characters host Bill Ackerman whose passions for this film convinced me to see it. And Twilight Time for continuing their wonderfully eclectic work.
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