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Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Underrated '98 - Vinny Tucceri

Vinny is a cinephile, videographer, editor and avid film collector. He tries to stay active on letterboxd

Brown’s Requiem
James Ellroy is known as one of the great American crime writers of the late 20th century. He is, perhaps, best know for “the LA Quartet”, a series of books published from 1987-1992, but it’s an adaptation of his first novel that made my list. Brown’s Requiem, adapted and directed by Jason Freeland (GARDEN PARTY), tells the story of Fritz Brown (Michael Rooker!) a former cop working as a private eye (cliché, I know). Brown is hired by a caddy to keep tabs on his sister and the movie goes full noir from then on. Fun performances and consistent tone make it a must see for noir fans.
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Another Day In Paradise
Some movies are tainted by their cast and crew and now, more than ever, we must try our hardest to separate art from artist.
Larry Clark directed this film in between KIDS and BULLY and it’s definitely my favorite of his works. It tells the story of two junkies (Vincent Kartheiser & Natasha Gregson Wagner) that go on a crime spree with an older couple (James Woods & Melanie Griffith). Some fun scenes are mixed in with some really heavy ones but this movie had me hooked from the get-go.
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Disqualified from Academy Award consideration at the time because of an appearance on Dutch television, Croupier is the film that brought us Clive Owen and it’s also one of Mike Hodges (GET CARTER, PULP) best films. This neo-noir is full of twists and turns that make you just smile and love well written films. Owen plays a writer turned croupier who ends up breaking all of the casino’s rules, and his own, and his life spirals down the drain. A great character film with a fantastic noir nihilistic touch.
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Monument Ave.
My favorite Ted Demme film and a great study on loyalty, Monument Ave. doesn’t get talked about enough when people talk about gangster movies. Denis Leary stars in this story of moral dilemma and tests of loyalty. Colm Meaney is fantastic as his mob boss. It’s not a groundbreaking plot but it’s well done. The supporting cast includes some very well known faces and everyone puts their best foot forward in this one.
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Sweet Jane
Not many people know of my Joseph Gordon-Levitt obsession but without it, I never would have discovered this gem. JGL stars as Tony, a dying boy living in a hospital who becomes infatuated with an overdosed prostitute (Samantha Mathis) that he sees leaving one day. He follows her until she lets him into her life of trying to raise money to score. It’s a tough story with a lot of heavy themes, but the relationship between the two is so well done. Such a great, but non traditional, love story.
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Jerry And Tom
I blind bought this one after reading the dvd cover a few years back and I couldn’t believe that it slipped by my radar. Sail Rubinek directs Joe Mantegna, Sam Rockwell, Maury Chaykin, Ted Danson, Charles Durning, William H. Macy and Peter Riegert. Need more? It’s a black comedy about a pair of hitmen. If that doesn’t get you excited, skip this one but if it does, seek this out like there’s no tomorrow.
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