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Wednesday, July 4, 2018

Underrated '88 - Vinny Tucceri

Vinny is a cinephile, videographer, editor and avid film collector. He tries to stay active on letterboxd

There are some films that just feel like artsy, stuffy period pieces based upon the poster or box art. The Dawning is definitely one of those films. But if you don’t give it a chance, you’ll miss out on a well-acted coming of age story with revolution and war as a backdrop. The cast is top notch and the story is good start to finish. Rebecca Pidgeon is a young girl who befriends an IRA gunman (Anthony Hopkins) who is on the run from the government. Come for the Hopkins, stay for the teen angst.
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I went through a big Jeff Daniels stage when I was 18-19. I found out about this movie and fell in love immediately but I was shocked that no one in my close knit group of cinephile friends had liked it or even heard of it. It’s a great little Cold War thriller from Peter Yates (!) and the cast is fantastic. If you enjoy the paranoia of film noir and quality acting, check it out. Critics were mixed at the time of its release and it wasn’t a huge money maker, so I can see how it has slipped through the cracks.
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One of my personal favorites of the 1980s but one that I feel is dangerously underrated. This crime film wasn’t loved when it came out, called predictable and melodramatic, but I really enjoy the drifter criminal character played by Matt Dillon. The acting is really good in this one and it seems a bit timeless. McCarthy is a good unsung hero and the rest of the cast play their parts well.
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I was shocked to see the terrible reviews that Rented Lips has received over the years. Maybe I’m the minority in this one but I remember really liking this one back in the VHS days of my youth. Maybe it was just because it was an R-rated comedy? Or maybe because it dealt with porn? If you get a chance to see it, you’ll probably like it but maybe you’ll hate it. I love Martin Mull, so...good luck!
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Part satire, part road movie, part underrated gem. Daniel Day-Lewis stars as an art expert looking for a rare Renoir in the the Deep South. He travels to an eccentric millionaires home and from there on its one crazy turn after another. It’s a “fish out of water” comedy that doesn’t get enough love for its absurdity. DDL didn’t do enough straight comedy but he shines as does the rest of the superb cast.
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Nicolas Roeg’s Track 29 is that crazy movie that you discover when diving into a director’s filmography and you immediately tell your friend about only to have them completely hate it. It’s the story of a bored housewife (Theresa Russell), her model train obsessed husband (Christopher Lloyd) and a strange drifter (Gary Oldman). Sold yet? It’s a bonkers psychodrama that comes at you swinging and I hope that more people start talking about it and it gets a decent bluray release.
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