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Friday, August 17, 2018

Just The Pods Vol. 7

AFTER HOURS is perhaps my favorite Martin Scorsese film and despite it never having gotten an official soundtrack album, I have always loved the music in the movie so this episode was a particular treat:

YOU MUST REMEMBER THIS - Will Hays and Pre-Code Hollywood
As I'm sure many cinephiles are, I am fascinated by the Hollywood Production Code phenomenon of the 1930s. Not only the things that lead up to it's implementation, but the folks involved in developing and enforcing it - Will Hays being one of them. This episode paints a very intriguing portrait of a man who was by no means "righteous" dude the code itself might suggest:

RETRO MOVIE LOVE - 1988 Movie Favorites
Michael Ferrari is a longtime online friend of mine and a man whose taste in movies I have a lot in common with - especially when it comes to the cinema of the 1980s. His podcast Retro Movie Love is always a fun listen and I never come away from an episode without at least a few suggestions for my watchlist. He's done episodes on 80s Teen Comedies, Studios like Tri-Star, Hollywood Pictures and New World  as well as some cool "soundtrack" episodes and a Brian De Palma episode among many others.
This 1988-centric round is an epic one that definitely highlights some gems and is well worth your time:
Also, If you dig the show, think about supporting it on Patreon - you can pledge as little as $1.00 and still get bonus content every month!

COMEDY ON VINYL Podcast - Family Albums Episode 2: Fred Frees on Paul Frees and the Poster People.
Host Jason Klamm has a really neat show here in that each episode he highlights another comedy album with a guest and it's always fascinating stuff for me. This new episode is particularly interesting in that he interviews Fred Frees, the son of Voice Over legend Paul Frees (who famously  did Boris Badenov on ROCKY & BULLWINKLE and is the voice you hear in the Haunted Mansion at Disneyland of among MANY other credits) about his father and his album PAUL FREES AND THE POSTER PEOPLE from 1970 as well as Fred's own career in Voice Over that continues to the present day. The album is quite awesome in that it includes Paul Frees doing songs whilst imitating the voices of actors Peter Lorre and W.C. Fields among others.

F THIS MOVIE - Kindertrauma!
A topic that fascinates me as I was certainly scarred myself as a kid (which I do believe can sometimes lead to a lifetime of horror movie fandom) and am always trying (and often failing) to NOT traumatize my own kids. Patrick and Robyn's discussion of scenes and moments that messed them up as kids was an enjoyable listen for sure though:

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