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Friday, August 24, 2018

Just the Pods Vol. 8

This is a really great podcast where filmmakers interview other filmmakers about their movies (definitely check out their back catalog if you haven't). On this new episode, director John Singleton interviews Spike Lee about his most recent film, THE BLACKKKLANSMAN. While less of a straight interview and more of an platform for Spike to talk about films and the state of the United States today, I was definitely moved and fascinated by this discussion:

80s All Over - The Best Of 1983
Drew McWeeny and Scott Weinberg close out the fourth season of their excellent show by going through some highlights from 1983 -- counting down the box office top ten from the year, the Oscar contenders as well as talking about their personal favorites from the '83. Lots of good stuff here:

Cinema Shame - THE BAD NEWS BEARS Retrospective
Host James Patrick is joined by the original "Old Movie Weirdo" Will McKinley to discuss the BAD NEWS BEARS films - all three of them! This is wonderful and goofy and insightful conversation about these movies and the only time I've ever heard SWEET SMELL OF SUCCESS recommended as a prerequisite for watching BAD NEWS BEARS GO TO JAPAN (which seems like great advice to me):

The Film Comment Podcast - Ari Aster Interview
Director Ari Aster speaks with Michael Koresky about his film HEREDITARY, his challenges making the movie and his influences.While this is an older episode of this podcast, I thought it to be of interest right now as HEREDITARY just popped up on VOD.

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