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Friday, October 12, 2018

Just The Pods Vol. 15

Being a podcaster myself (with two active shows), I can appreciate all the work that goes into creating content week in and week out. As such, I wanted to highlight some enjoyable podcast episodes I came across this week:

Bill Ackerman sits down with author/film critic Peter Biskind (EASY RIDERS, RAGING BULLS) to talk about his new book THE SKY IS FALLING and his history as a film writer from the late 60s to the present.


THE SPLATHOUSE - FANGORIA LIVES! Interview with Phil Nobile Jr. 
Stephanie "Scoop" Crawford talks to Editor-in-Chief and Creative Director Phil Nobile Jr. about the new volume/issue of the magazine and what has gone into it's packed 100 + pages in terms of design and creative approach for this new incarnation of an old horror staple. Inspiring stuff. I immediately subscribed after hearing this interview!

The Projection Booth is kicking off their #Shocktober2018 in style with a discussion of Dario Argento’s 1977 film Suspiria - Maitland McDonagh (Broken Mirrors/Broken Minds: The Dark Dreams of Dario Argento) and Rob St. Mary join Mike to discuss this classic, atmospheric horror tale. Authors Alexandra Heller-Nicholas(Suspiria) and Clare Nina Norelli help unravel the mystery of Argento's most note-worthy film.

Cole and Ericca have a very thoughtful and insightful discussion of Jordan Peele's modern classic tale of horror on this excellent episode of The Magic Lantern. A great primer for Halloween viewing!

ZEBRAS IN AMERICA #74 - Jared Gilman
Actor Jared Gilman (MOONRISE KINGDOM, PATERSON) joins Scott and Marcus to talk about some favorite movies from 2018. The discussion lands on MANDY for a little while, which I very much enjoyed, but it was also really nice to hear how much Gilman loves film and is continuing to move forward with his own interest in cinema and seeing as many movies as he can. Warms my heart to hear younger people talk movies this way and have a driving passion about them. Gives me hope for the future!

THE Q & A - ANGEL HEART (30th Anniversary)
Jeff Goldsmith interviews director Alan Parker about not only the amazing ANGEL HEART and how it came to but, but also touches on some of his early work like BUGSY MALONE, MIDNIGHT EXPRESS and PINK FLOYD: THE WALL. His Oliver Stone stories from the MIDNIGHT EXPRESS days are priceless:

Check out Jeff's Digital Magazine BACK STORY here:

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