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Friday, November 2, 2018

Just The Pods Vol. 18

Being a podcaster myself (with two active shows), I can appreciate all the work that goes into creating content week in and week out. As such, I wanted to highlight some enjoyable podcast episodes I came across this week:

"Bill speaks to author and musician Stephen Thrower about some of his contributions to film culture, from his earliest film criticism for Shock Xpress and his film journal Eyeball to the development of books like BEYOND TERROR: THE FILMS OF LUCIO FULCI, NIGHTMARE USA: THE UNTOLD STORY OF THE EXPLOITATION INDEPENDENTS and MURDEROUS PASSIONS: THE DELIRIOUS CINEMA OF JESS FRANCO. Other topics include: Dr. Who, Roxy Music, POSSESSION, David Lynch, Ramsey Campbell, THE BROOD, Derek Jarman, DUFFER, Throbbing Gristle, DON’T GO IN THE HOUSE, hedonistic writing techniques, approaches to film scoring and how certain films can be analogous to drugs."

The first episode of "A weekly podcast with film critic Mark Kermode with a series of different elements including: a podcast version of MK3D - the live show he does every month at BFI Southbank which includes movie guests and questions from the audience, Head to Head with Jack Howard in which they argue about the merits or otherwise of classic and contemporary films, 2001 Films You Must See Before You Die, Hells Video Store plus Movie Time Travel - where Mark visits to a famous film location."

THE DANA GOULD HOUR - Phantom Of Halloweenery
"Yes, it’s that time of year, October. The fall! Halloween. And to kick off my favorite holiday and my favorite episode of show we’ve got two amazing guests. A man who needs no introduction, Mr. Patton Oswalt is here. You can follow his many adventures on twitter and try to catch him live as he is doing dates all across he country as well as appearing on NBC’s AP-Bio. Additionally, Ken Reid is with us. Ken and I have so much in common it makes me feel truly bad for him. He is the host of the excellent podcast TV Guidance Counsellor, hails from my home state of Massachusetts and is a hilarious comedian in his own right, as well as having a depth of nerd knowledge that goes as deep as anyone’s. He’s my kind of people. Ken Reid is here.
October means there’s a dungeon full of doin’s down in Gould town. Halloween night, October 31st, sees the premier of season 3 of Stan Against Evil on OFC. You can catch up on season 1 & 2 right now on HULU and season three, I assure you is the best yet."

"Ep. 49: Teen Horror. Meep and his pal David return back to the genre and discuss their favorite Teen Horror Movies."

Scream Addicts is back! 
"This week on Scream Addicts, special guest Joe R. Lansdale drops by to chat one of his favorite films- Val Lewton’s production of Jacques Tourneur’s 1942 horror classic Cat People. An author of numerous novels, short stories, teleplays and comic books, Mr. Lansdale discusses the work of Lewton and Tourneur, the difficulty of preparing definitive film lists, and the notion of a film being a living character.
Along the way, we touch on Orson Welles, Hereditary, nudity in film, and Mr. Lansdale’s feelings on Cat People’s sequel and remake."

NOTES FROM THE BACK ROW - Horrific Hilarious Horror (and Other H Words)
"It’s time for our Halloween spectacular episode of Notes From the Back Row! Carlo discusses Horror franchises, his current favorite being Scanners, Veronica talks about teen horror movies, specifically Truth or Dare (2018), Cherry Falls (2000), Jennifer’s Body (2009) and Scream (1996), Jenna talks about 1950s horror comedies (Abbott and Costello Meet The Invisible Man and Martin and Lewis’ Scared Stiff), and I discuss some video store memories with the straight-to-video movies Things (1989), Mutilations (1986), and Hauntedween (1991)."

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