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Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Pure Cinema Joins Forces with the New Beverly!

So I had to just make a quick post to express how excited I am about this new partnership! My Podcast Pure Cinema that I do with my good pal Elric Kane has just joined up with The New Beverly Cinema and become the official podcast of the theater! What does this mean? Well, we hope it means greater reach for the show and that we will be doing our part to help promote one of the greatest repertory theaters in the whole world. The New Beverly is an institution here in Los Angeles and has been so since 1978. It was one of the first places I visited when I first moved out in 1999 and has remained one of my favorite theaters since then. For those that aren't aware, the New Beverly has been closed for nearly a year now and is just about to re-open it's doors after doing some renovations and upgrades. I cannot wait to see the place again when they relaunch on December 1st with a whole new line-up of amazing double features and other awesome programming. As for Pure Cinema, we will be doing some format changes from our previous seasons that we think will be exciting for listeners (and for us). We will now be putting out a monthly "Hangout" episode, which will be a much looser conversational thing wherein we discuss what we've been watching and perhaps some timely film topics having to do with that particular month. We will also be doing our regular "5 Films Because" type episodes once a month as well as we have been since we started, but we will also be adding one more new type of episode to the mix. We will call these our "Calendar Episodes", where we will go through the new month's New Beverly Schedule day by day right around the time it is announced. It will be just our reactions to the various films being featured there in a given month, but we hope it will be exciting to all Pure Cinema listeners as there are always some wonderful gems to be unearthed during any thirty day period at the New Bev. Here is a new post about it over at the New Beverly's Blog:

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