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Thursday, January 3, 2019

Film Discoveries of 2018 - Cathie Horlick-Wilson

Cathie (Cahcat on Twitter) is a personal friend of mine and She is a dedicated movie watcher and a DARKMAN fantatic. Her love of movies knows no bounds. Do yourself a favor and go check out her lovely blog:

Also, check out a few of her previous discoveries lists:
This year I didn’t get to see as much as I wanted on a big screen, but I don’t usually make my movie discoveries that way. It’s all about finding some fun old movies along the way through other channels. My favorite was discovering the streaming service KANOPY thanks to my library and I got a lot out of FILMSTRUCK at the start of the year, then there was a few film finds from cable TV and DVD. These discoveries are mostly older flicks that gave me a good movie watching time, yup.

A french film. A young man, Jean is a bank clerk. He gets by day to day until a co-worker shares the wonders of gambling. Jean has some beginners luck and gets a real taste of good things that he goes on vacation with an intent to gamble some more. While making some money he meets Jackie. Jackie loves roulette and finds a lucky streak with Jean at her side. The two continue to try their luck off in Monte Carlo and it’s a whirl of wins and losses. Jean and Jackie find their relationship delicately balanced on their streak of wins, though Jean thinks he can help Jackie break the cycle. It becomes the two gambling on each other if they can make a future of things. A beautiful film in black and white.
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Charles Laughton is Charles, a Busker a.k.a. street performer in London. One day he catches young Libby, Vivien Leigh, pickpocketing and he decides to take her under his wing to join the ranks of Busker. Libby has big sights and soon her natural talents gets her discovered with the help of a fella played by Rex Harrison meaning she has to leave Charles behind. It’s a rather sweet little story and captures a beautiful London time and place.
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TIME TO DIE (1966) a.k.a. Tiempo De Morir DVD
A beautiful and tragic Mexican Western, written by Gabriel Garcia Marquez and directed by Arturo Ripstein. Juan returns back to his hometown after an 18 year prison sentence for killing a man in self defense. Juan was greatly missed in the town, but is warned to leave and never return because the sons of the man he killed want revenge. All Juan wants is his old life, to reunite with the woman he loved and try to rebuild his home. The Western is a good look into machismo culture; what it expected of a man’s reputation and how the cycle for vengeance only brings pain every time.
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I had never heard of this movie when I found it on Demand. The cool cast and premise of an anthology connected to a pawn shop run by Vincent D’Onofrio as Alton had a lot of charm and allure. There was Paul Walker is Raw Dog tweeked out on drugs with his pal trying for pull of a heist. Matt Dillion is Richard and he find his ex-wife’s ring in the shop and figuring she’s not dead he finds her under the spell of super creepizoid Johnny Shaw played by Elijah Wood. My favorite tale though was Brendan Fraser as Ricky the Elvis Impersonator who has a gig at the local fair. Such a weird movie, but a wacky weird and I loved it.
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Alec Guinness is Sidney a chemist who is trying to create a fabric that won’t wear out or stain so that the the suit clothing industry can be revolutionized. Of course his idea could be great for business but then bad in the long run for manufacturing and the workers. It’s funny to see big business investors try to foil things and poor Sidney not realizing just what it is he’s unleashing to the world. A cute comedy.
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I found this movie on THIS! Channel one day while switching channels. Three women, Elaine (Jane Curtain), Jane (Susan Saint James) and Louise (Jessica Lang) are trying to get by day to day dealing with family, marriages, seperatations, and all strapped for cash. The local mall is having a big MONEY BALL event and the threesome come up with a plan to steal the cash. It’s all about these ladies teaming up, using their skills and planning one hell of a heist between their daily lives with kids, neighbors, husbands and potential cop boyfriend. I love little movies like this with good characters. The heist was fun too.
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I will say this is my favorite discovery for the year! An Australian movie that’s morbid and kinda gross but extremely quirky and enchanting. Two eccentric women, Flo and Minnie, share a home and are looking for a border. All in one day a convict and a policeman vie for the room they have and well due to a mishap the some surprising things occur. I really want to delve into the details because it would be more than a little spoilery. The women have long lived with each other and just want to continue with their unusual day to day routines which slowly unravel because of who’s now around their home. By far this has been the most strange and fun film of my year. I can’t recommend it enough.

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